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Does Your Work Require A Lot Of Sitting At The Computer? Here’s How To Stay Healthy

Most office work today requires that you sit behind a computer. Several people have also taken advantage of working from home. Staying healthy while sitting on the computer can be pretty challenging if you do not take preventive measures. Here are some tips to help you maintain good health while you get your job done.

Use a standing desk

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Working on your computer most times requires that you spend a lot of time sitting behind the computer, and sitting for too long can cause health challenges. It can cause back pain, reduce your blood circulation, or lose your muscle strength, especially when you are sitting in a bad posture.

The standing desk will raise your computer enough that you can stand while working. However, standing cannot replace exercise but can help you burn some calories. And that is better than nothing. The best way to use a standing desk is to switch from standing to sitting because standing for too long also comes with its disadvantages.

Take Breaks

Getting off your computer from time to time is of significant benefit. You should take breaks and do some other physical activities that will help stretch your legs and improve your blood circulation. You can get on a walk, choose the stairs instead of the elevator, or do some chores.

This serves to get your eyes off the computer and will help to reduce straining your eye muscles and improve efficiency. You can set the alarm to help you get off the computer at intervals. Get your mind off the work and get some time to play around. 

Shield your eyes with glasses

There is this general perception that all glasses correct eye problems, but that’s not true. Glasses are for different situations. Computer glasses differ from regular glasses because they help protect the eyes against blue light from the computer.

The folks at blockbluelight.co.uk have done extensive research about how blue light from screens affects our eyes and how to overcome the effect using glasses that filter blue light. Light from the screen can cause headaches, watery eyes, or fatigue. But good computer glasses can help to prevent these.

Eat Healthily

People working on the computer usually work towards saving time, so they pay less attention to what they eat. They typically look for junk food to eat, which is not suitable for their health. Since working on the computer does not require any physical activity. The food you eat is important because an unhealthy diet will only help you add more calories.

Instead of taking fast foods, plan what you’ll eat ahead. A well-prepared, balanced diet should be your best option. It will help with your alertness and productivity. Good food nourishes the brain and provides your body with the best nutrients that keep you healthy.


You need to make exercise a habit if you are spending long hours on the computer. Sitting for a long time increases your chances of getting obese. You get prone to heart diseases and other illnesses. Being in a fixed location can be problematic because we are not designed that way.

Regular exercise helps to improve your overall health condition. You can go to the gym, run, or you can also do some aerobics at home. However, you choose to make this happen, ensure you get involved in physical activities. For it goes a long way to relieve stress, improve your brain, and keep you fit.

Get Quality Sleep

Lack of sleep can lead to anxiety or fatigue, although the symptoms for all individuals vary. Lack of sleep reduces your work performance, ability to think clearly and decreases your level of concentration.

Quality sleep and a high level of productivity go hand in hand. Sleep improves your learning and problem-solving skills. During sleep, your body tissue repairs and strengthens, and also hormones are created to boost your immune system. When you wake from a sound sleep, you feel refreshed and alert to perform your daily task. If you can’t get enough sleep at night, a good nap during the day can also be of benefit.

The reason you can work comfortably is that you are in good health. The moment your health is challenged, it becomes difficult to work productively.

Like the general saying, prevention is better than cure. So, work smart so that you wouldn’t end up spending your time, money, and energy to fix the problems you could have avoided. Ensure you consider these measures to help you maintain good health and boost your performance.

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