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Wordle 675 — April 25, 2023; Bringing you hints and answer for today’s word puzzle

Wordle Today: Wordle 675 is live! Wordle is a popular online word-guessing game that has taken the internet by storm. It involves trying to guess a five-letter word by entering different words and receiving feedback on how many letters are correct and in the correct position. Players have six guesses to correctly guess the word, and the game is known for its addictive nature and challenging gameplay. With new words to guess every day, Wordle continues to be a favorite pastime for many.

Wordle 675 — What are the hints and clues for Wordle today?

Today’s Wordle 675 puzzle has provided some clues for the word of the day for Tuesday, 25 April 2023. The word in question begins with the letter J, with the second letter being a vowel. Additionally, the fourth letter of the word is another vowel, and it is the letter E. Lastly, the word ends with the letter R. With these hints, Wordle enthusiasts can put their deduction skills to the test and try to uncover the mystery word for the day. It’s a challenging game that requires a mix of logic and vocabulary skills.

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Wordle 675 — What is the answer for Wordle today?

If you’ve been struggling to find the answer using the clues and helps provided in the game, don’t worry! We have the solution for today’s Wordle right here. Our hope is that by providing you with this answer, you will be able to get one step closer to solving the puzzle and experiencing the satisfaction of successfully guessing the word. Keep playing and challenging yourself – the more you play, the better you’ll get at Wordle!

Wordle 675 answer — “JOKER”


How to play Wordle?

Access the Wordle website on NY Times website.
Once the game screen appears, you will see five blank spaces representing the five letters of the word you have to guess.
The game will randomly select a five-letter word, which will be hidden from you.
Choose five letters and type them in the blank spaces provided.
After you submit your guess, the game will provide feedback by highlighting each correct letter that you guessed in yellow.
If the yellow letters appear in their correct position, they will be highlighted in green.
Keep guessing the word using the feedback you get from the game.
You will have a maximum of six attempts to guess the word correctly.
Once you have correctly guessed the word, you will be shown the answer.
If you fail to guess the word correctly within six attempts, the game ends, and you can try again.
Remember that each game of Wordle is different, and you have to guess the word using logical reasoning and critical thinking to get the answer within the given attempts.

Who created Wordle?

Software Engineer Josh Wardle is known to have created Wordle. Later, he sold it to New York Times.

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