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Quordle 456 — April 25, 2023: Know hints and answers for today’s word puzzle

Quordle Today: Quordle 456 is live now! As you may already know, Quordle is basically playing Wordle four times — but that doesn’t mean it’s four times more difficult than the latter. In fact, it’s fun and challenging to play. Now, if you’ve spent any time on the internet in the last three years, you likely know about Wordle – the well-known word puzzle game. However, are you acquainted with its more sophisticated relative, Quordle? Quordle, much like Wordle, is an exceptional online pastime that can pique your brain and enhance your lexicon, but with a higher level of difficulty.

Quordle today: What are the hints and clues for Quordle 456?

The first word starts with the letter C, the second with S, the third with C, and the fourth with B and end with T, B, O and W respectively.

Word 1 — It refers to the front part of the body between the neck and the stomach, in animals or humans.

Word 2 — This word describes a lovely small woody plant that has several main stems near the ground.

Word 3 — This pertains to a statement that articulates the beliefs or goals that direct someone’s actions.

Word 4 — It denotes being situated at a lower level or layer than something else.

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Quordle today: What are the answers for Quordle 456?

Wait! Did the hints and clues not help you enough? If yes, skip to the answer but remember there’s still some time left for you to quickly go back and solve the word puzzle. But, if you want to keep the streak going and avoid any hassle — it’s safe to jump straight to the Quordle answer for today but it kinda kills the fun, no — Yeah, but no worries. Check answers below:

Without further ado, the answer for Quordle 456 is: CHEST, SHRUB, CREDO, BELOW.

Keep on puzzling!


How to play Quordle?

Launch the Quordle website on your browser: Quordle
You will be displayed a word puzzle.
You have six attempts to guess the word.
After each guess, Quordle will tell you how many letters you got correct and in the correct position (marked with a green circle) and how many letters you got correct but in the wrong position (marked with a yellow circle).
Use the feedback to make educated guesses and try to guess the word correctly within the allotted six attempts.
Repeat with a new word and continue to challenge yourself to improve your Quordle skills.
Happy gaming!

Is Quordle harder than Wordle?

Sometimes Yes; Sometimes a No.

Who created Quordle?

Quordle was created by Freddie Meyer in January 2022.

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