Which Gives You the Winning Edge? Tablet, Phone, or PC


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Nowadays, we are lucky to live in a time where we can game at a high level on our phones, tablets, and PCs. Considering how advanced these devices are, people are struggling to decide which is better for their favorite game.

Whether you sign up to play online poker for beginners or you’re a Call of Duty expert, you might want to know which will give you the game-winning advantage, a phone, tablet, or PC?

Processing Power

The first thing most gamers will look at is how powerful a unit is. It is important that whichever device you choose has the processing power to handle your chosen game and not have any performance issues.


The PC will always win this battle due to simply being bigger. A PC has a bigger CPU, RAM, and memory, and while a tablet or phone can be better than the other depending on the model, neither can be better than a semi-decent PC.


While performance capabilities are usually at the top of the list, what the game looks like while you play is equally important to some. PCs have been the leaders in graphics for years, but tablets and phones have almost caught up.


It is hard to decide which is better in terms of graphics. If you are objective, the answer is clearly the PC. However, both tablets and phones have such good graphics that you will be more than satisfied with it no matter your choice.


Control is clearly a vital aspect of gaming. Whether you are sneaking across a map in Counter-Strike or steering your high-speed vehicle in Forza, you want to have as much control as possible.


Interestingly, your skill level can determine which is better for control. If you are a beginner gamer, a tablet or phone is easier since finger controls are very easy to use and master. On the other hand, a mouse and keyboard are trickier to master but are normally more effective.

As mentioned already, it is also completely dependent on the game. It is easy to play a

racing game with either touchscreen controls or a mouse and keyboard, but a game like League of Legends almost requires a keyboard because of the number of shortcuts and controls you need.

User Experience

Overall user experience is vital when gaming and when making a choice. User experience influences how much you enjoy using the device and how happy you are with, in this case, its gaming capabilities.


This is another category that doesn’t have a winner as it is completely user-dependent. It also depends on which device you want or needs, as almost all new PCs, tablets, and phones are designed to give users the best possible experience.

Battery Life

This category doesn’t apply to PCs but is an important question for those choosing a tablet or phone. Nowadays, manufacturers are still struggling to find the balance between battery life and device use.


The answer is fairly obvious as it comes down to size, but almost all tablets have better battery life than nearly all phones. This is due to tablets being bigger and being able to fit a much larger battery.

However, there are phones that have enormous batteries, but their software isn’t as good as a Samsung device or an iPhone.

Screen Size

Most gamers will agree that the size of your screen not only influences your experience but can also influence how well you do in the game. Call of Duty, for instance, is a massively better game with a bigger screen, and you can also see more and play better.


As mentioned, the game you play will decide if a big screen is necessary or not. However, if a winner needs to be chosen, then it is the PC screen. It is bigger, has all the adjustable settings you need, and is also much more versatile if you want to watch movies or work.


If you had to pick one, it is almost a no-brainer that a PC is the winner. It is bigger, faster, offers more games, and will give you a superior gaming experience. While it can be much more expensive compared to a phone or tablet, if you are a serious gamer, it is worth the money.

Cody Rhodes
Cody Rhodes
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