Which Mobile Games Gained Popularity in This Era of Modern Technology


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Mobile games are growing extremely popular as modern smartphones become more powerful every year, it is only natural that we see more and more mobile games becoming popular and generating millions in revenue for the developers. There were many amazing games for mobile devices over the years, and today, we are going to take look at some of the most iconic mobile games of all time as well as some of the newer games you might want to check out. We have games in different genres on our list, so you’ll probably find something to your liking here.

Temple Run

The OG of endless runs, the Temple Run series has introduced millions of players to the formula of endless runners where you keep on progressing through the endless track that changes in difficulty and setting as you get further. Sending you some good old Indiana Jones vibes, this game places you in the shoes of an adventurer who runs away from different kinds of threats while manoeuvring around obstacles at ever-increasing speed.

Poker Stars Mobile

A mobile game for those who enjoy the thrill of a real poker game but don’t have the time to go to an actual casino. This game is available on most mobile devices and allows the players to play for real money. This is probably the largest fast-paying casino in Poland available on mobile devices you can find. The game allows you to play different variations of poker, including Hold ‘Em. This is a great app for anyone trying to learn the basics of the game without risking too much as well as for the pros who want to play their favorite game and have it on their smartphone.

Candy Crush

Candy Crush has been a phenomenon in the world of mobile gaming for years and its popularity does not seem to go away. A simple premise of just stacking similar symbols in straight lines has paid off greatly for the developers as the game has become one of the most popular puzzle games for all audiences. Being children-friendly, this game can offer a decent challenge even for an adult and experienced players. It is a colorful and rather exciting game, so if you have never tried it, this might be the right time to do it.

Angry Birds

If there’s one mobile game you can easily assign a cult status to, it’s Angry Birds. This series of games has become so popular, they even made an animated movie off of it. Nowadays, Angry Birds are a huge brand that does not limit to the game itself. There are toys, clothes, movies, and all sorts of merchandise featuring the characters of this amazing game. With a simple premise of the birds trying to get their eggs back from the evil green pigs, or whatever those creatures are, the game has managed to become one of the most popular in mobile gaming history.

Genshin Impact

This is a new game that has been released just a little while back – a triple-A project for mobile devices that can also be played on gaming consoles, which is a nearly unprecedented kind of interoperability for a mobile game. Genshin Impact is an open-world RPG game that features a vast explorable world full of adventures. This game will be especially great for the fans of Japanese cartoons as the game is made in the visual style of so-called anime. Of course, such aesthetics might turn off adult audiences, but the game still has some merit to it if you can look past the art style.

Call of Duty Mobile

Call of Duty is one of the most iconic game series in the industry with different instalments of the game taking us through the real historical military conflicts like WW2 and sci-fi scenarios of future wars. Now, this iconic game is available on mobile devices too, for free. This is an incredible opportunity to dive into a jaw-dropping PvP action for those of you who do not have a good gaming rig or just want to enjoy the game on a portable device like a smartphone. Despite lacking some of the graphic finesse of the current console or PC games, Call of Duty Mobile is jampacked with explosive action, and with a Zombie mode recently added to the game, it might also serve as a survival horror-ish game.

Plants Vs Zombies

Another classic game based on the tower-defence mechanic that features a whole bunch of garden plants like sunflowers and tomatoes protecting the homestead from the swarm of zombies. Going through countless updates over the years, this game still delivers a fresh experience to the players. The game is extremely addictive and the gameplay loop will have you playing for hours. A great way to kill some time and have fun.

Marvel Strike Force

Considering the huge popularity of Marvel Cinematic Universe, it is only natural that there are several mobile games featuring the world’s mightiest heroes. Marvel Strike Force is one of those games. This is a hero collector game in which you need to gather a team of heroes and battle your opponents in a turn-based battle. The game has dozens of characters to choose from and collect, so you can collect the ones you like and create a real dream team of heroes and villains to dominate the game’s arena.

Wrap Up

Mobile games are growing more popular and you can tell they are going to become even bigger in the following years. With smartphones becoming more advanced, the developers can make bigger and more exciting games that offer more than simple gameplay loops and rudimentary graphics. You can already see how much mobile entertainment has grown in the past decade. From simple games like Candy Crush to huge RPGs and shooters like Genshin Impact and Call of Duty. The time will come when smartphones are as powerful as gaming consoles and we’ll be able to play some of the craziest games with photorealistic graphics on our phones.

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