When will the F1-themed Moto X50 Ultra launch happen? Get all details here


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Motorola released the Moto X50 Ultra teaser drenched in artificial intelligence (AI) capabilities, with the video drawing parallels to features found in Formula 1 cars. The teaser provides glimpses of the phone, highlighting its luxurious leatherette back and a discreetly positioned camera in the top left corner.

The F1-themed “AI mobile phone”, Moto X50 Ultra teaser was shared on Weibo, and while the accompanying post is cryptic, it hints at a connection to the upcoming F1 China Grand Prix. This speculation is further fueled by Lenovo, Motorola’s parent company, being an official sponsor of Formula 1. This has led to speculation that the unveiling of the Moto X50 Ultra could coincide with or closely follow the F1 China Grand Prix, scheduled for April 21.

Moto X50 Ultra Teaser

Moto X50 Ultra teaser was released by Motorola on its official social media account on Weibo. Marketed as an “AI Mobile Phone,” the Moto X50 Ultra is expected to offer cutting-edge technology and a sleek design, based on the teaser video.

The 25-second video provides a glimpse of the phone’s design, showing a rear camera setup in the traditional position and hinting at a back panel made of leather-like material, suggesting a sophisticated design.

The teaser also reveals some details about the Moto X50 Ultra’s features. The back cover is highlighted for its luxurious leather material, adding a touch of elegance to the device. The camera setup, located in the upper left corner of the back cover, features a glossy finish, indicating a sturdy design. Additionally, the layout of the volume key and power button on the right side of the device, with a split volume key design, is said to offer convenience and ease of use.

Moto X50 Ultra Release Date (Rumored)

China will be the first market for Motorola’s upcoming debut of the “Ultra” variant of Moto X50 series with innovative AI capabilities. The OEM will adopt a similar strategy used for the successful global launch of the Moto X40 series. There are speculations that the Moto X50 Ultra’s AI features could be comparable to those of Samsung’s Galaxy S24 series.

Although the exact launch date has not been revealed, the recent teaser by the company hintsthat the the announcement could be expected in the upcoming F1 China Grand Prix on 21st April. Rumored Moto X50 Ultra release date is by the end of August 2024. This indicates that consumers can expect the phone to be available for purchase or pre-order around this date, with availability likely to vary by region.

Moto X50 Ultra Price (Rumored)

Moto X50 Ultra is expected to be priced globally at $450/ Euro 429/ Rs 54,990. This suggests that it will be positioned as a mid-range or upper mid-range device, offering a balance of features and affordability. The base variant of phone will be 8GB of RAM and 256GB of storage. This configuration should provide ample memory for multitasking and storing files, photos, and videos.

Moto X50 Ultra Specs (Rumored)

Motorola Edge 50 Pro is shaping up to be a powerful device with its rumored specifications. The 4,500mAh battery with 125W wired and 50W wireless charging would make it quite competitive in terms of charging speed. Additionally, the Moto X50 Ultra, with its distinctive faux leather finish and sleek camera module design, sounds intriguing.

High-performance AI features powered by either the Snapdragon 8 Gen 3 or MediaTek Dimensity 9300 SoC could provide a smooth and efficient user experience. The combination of a large battery capacity with fast charging capabilities, along with the unique design elements and high performance, could make it stand out in the premium smartphone category.

There have been rumors that the upcomimg Motorola Edge 50 Pro might serve as the global version of the Moto X50 Ultra. It would potentially offer users worldwide access to the innovative features and top-notch performance of the X50 Ultra.

The Moto X50 Ultra is expected to be a special model, as it marks a debut in the Moto lineup. It is part of the Ultra series, which excludes the Razr and is derived from the Moto X30 Pro, indicating that it will be a high-end device with top-tier features and performance.

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