What Is A Lån Uten Sikkerhet, Should You Get It & How To Select One?


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Financing an upcoming project, covering some unexpected costs, even paying for tuition… All of those scenarios, in addition to much more, require you to have a great money source that will cover all the expenses at once, and your salary probably won’t be able to cut it. If your salary was able to cut it, you wouldn’t be here at all, thinking about getting a consumer loan. Consumer loans, of course, can be that source of money you need, and they’re often the option that people turn to when aiming at financing certain larger purchases, weddings, vacations, or pretty much anything else.

Saying that you want a consumer loan, though, and then getting it right away is not the best move. In fact, it’s not even possible, since there’s a procedure to follow, but there’s something to take into much more consideration prior to entering the actual procedure. Basically, there are different consumer loan types to consider, the secured and the unsecured type being the most common differentiation. Today, you’re going to learn about the lån uten sikkerhet i.e. the unsecured one, as well as check whether getting it is a wise move and how to select the best one should you decide to do it.

What Is A Lån Uten Sikkerhet?

Before you can actually søk lån, i.e. apply for your consumer loan, you’ll need to decide on the type you want to get, and the unsecured type will certainly come up in the research. Not knowing what it is and how it works may lead you to avoid it altogether, and avoiding it may not be the best move, since it can come with quite a few benefits for some people. Naturally, figuring out what the lån uten sikkerhet is will help you make your own mind up and actually figure out if you want to get it or not, so let’s get you familiar with the basics before proceeding to help you make that decision.

Unsecured loans help you get the financing you need without having to pledge certain assets, such as your home for example, as collateral. Less demanding eligibility requirements and simpler application processes make these particular loans much more appealing to borrowers, and then there’s also the fact that most lenders offer next-day or even same-day funding, meaning you’ll get the money practically in no time. No wonder borrowers like them that much.

While the less demanding qualification and application processes do contribute to the appeal of these types of loans, we can’t fail to mention that they pose a greater risk for the lenders, given that they require no collateral. Why would you care about their risks, though? Well, that’s pretty simple. Given that they have higher risks to assume upon themselves, they’ll find a different way to protect their own interests, and those different ways manifest in higher interest rates compared to secured loans, as well as in a stricter screening process.

The stricter screening process means that usually only the people with good credit scores will be qualified for getting the lån uten sikkerhet, but the truth is that this depends on the lender you’ll choose. Regardless of the lender you’ll choose, though, you can certainly expect the interest rates to be higher than those you’d get on the secured option, i.e. if you opted for a loan that requires you to provide collateral. No collateral means higher risks for lenders, as explained, and that’s precisely why they’re charging higher interest rates and why they’re being more careful when choosing which borrowers to approve and which ones to reject.

Since no collateral is involved, you’re now probably wondering what happens if you don’t make on-time payments. What will the lenders do to get the money you owe them when they can’t exactly take any of your assets? Upon defaulting, you’ll get collection calls from a collection agency that the lender will send your missed payments to, and if you keep on not paying your debt, legal action will be taken. Legal actions, if successful, will allow the lender to recoup the remaining loan balance through wage garnishment, or perhaps place a lien on your home or a different valuable asset. The default will also lead to a significant drop in your credit score, thus making it difficult for you to ever get a loan again in the future.

Understand these loans better: https://www.investopedia.com/terms/u/unsecuredloan.asp

Should You Get It?

Even though the lån uten sikkerhet comes with slightly higher interest rates, it seems to be worth it, especially for people who don’t have any assets to provide as collateral. They are, thus, available to pretty much everyone, as long as they’re of the necessary age and have a steady income. Plus, even people who do have assets to offer as collateral prefer to go for these types of loans, as they don’t want to risk losing those assets if they’re late for a payment. It is a less risky option for the borrowers, and they pay for lowering those risks through higher interest rates. Those, however, aren’t that much higher, meaning you can still find a cheap enough option and make all of this worth it, meaning that the unsecured option can actually be perfect for every single borrower if they play it right.

How To Find And Select The Right One?

Playing it right, of course, consists of finding and getting the best option, and I’ve already mentioned that finding cheap ones isn’t unusual. You’d expect the unsecured loan to always be expensive, but that’s definitely not the case and it, naturally, all depends on the lender you’ll be working with. Lenders won’t always have the same terms to offer, and your task is to compare those in detail before deciding on the best solution for you. Before you can do the comparisons, though, you’ll have to find at least a few great lenders first, and you can do that through a few channels.

The first channel, and the most significant one for that matter, is, of course, the Internet. Websites aimed at comparing different lenders and at helping you find the perfect ones for you will be of great help here, but so will your browser and your ability to input the correct keywords and scroll through the search query results in an effort to get familiar with different lenders. Naturally, people who’ve borrowed money this way in the past should serve as the second channel of information, as they can tell you not only which lenders to consider, but perhaps also which ones to avoid, in case they haven’t had really great experiences with them in the past.

Working on your credit score will further improve your chances of getting a great quality lån uten sikkerhet, because the credit score will be in direct relation to the interest rates you’ll get. After you’ve improved the score as much as you can and after you’ve found the perfect lender that offers a low-interest rate, you’ll simply have to follow the procedures, apply, wait to get approved, and then sign the loan agreement. Signing the agreement will result in getting your money and using it any way you want, after which you’ll have to focus on repaying it on time and not defaulting.

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