Top 5 Leading Cloud Mining Websites in the World


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Mining Cryptocurrency takes time, skills, the right types of equipment, and of course a trustworthy Cloud Mining website. Besides, you can hire companies to participate in cloud mining for you! It saves both time and money. 

Cryptocurrencies are now widely recognized and accepted. For you to stay profitable, it’s high time to get introduced to cloud mining. Let’s roll up our sleeves and start cloud mining to earn cryptocurrencies. 

Finding the cloud mining partner or website is not difficult as long as you have access to browsers. However, when it comes to selecting the best cloud mining company that can be trusted, you will need significant guidance. 

Cloud mining is when you have to pay a certain percentage of money to your cloud mining partner or website and mine your choice of cryptocurrency. With cloud mining sites, the process has become easy. However, you have to make sure that the cloud mining website you are partnering with is legit and has a proven record. 

What Is Cloud Mining?

Configuring, implementing, and managing hardware is super difficult for the common people who are taking an interest in cryptocurrency mining. Cloud mining is a solution that people eventually come up with. Cloud mining is a shared platform that allows users to mine the cryptocurrency of their choice without buying or maintaining expensive hardware or mining setup. 

You simply need to pay your service provider to mine cryptocurrencies remotely with the leased mining hardware. There are many companies available on the internet offering the cloud mining service. However, you cannot rely on all of them blindfolded. So, which cloud mining websites can be trusted?

How To Choose The Best Cloud Mining Website?

As we were discussing, it might be hard to find cloud mining services that can be trustworthy. So, here are some of the considerations that should be taken into account when choosing the best cloud-mining website: 

1. Research hard and make sure what you want from the cloud mining website of your choice. 

2. If you are new, then it is better to rely on the reviews and customer feedback. Always check for reviews and if possible contact the service users personally to get feedback before choosing the website. 

3. Cloud mining will not always come with positive results. If you are here to mine cryptocurrencies, then you should prepare yourself for some reasonable losses. 

4.  Always dig a little deeper to find out if the website has a proven track record. Cloud mining is itself very new. If you can trace a proven track record, then the website is good for you. 

Top 5 Leading Cloud Mining Websites

Here are the top 5 leading cloud mining websites to begin with:

1. FancyCrypto

FancyCrypto is one of the most popular cloud mining websites that you can find today. With 360,000 users worldwide, you can simply understand how good the service is. Besides, it is a feature-rich platform that is available on mobile as well as on desktop. 

Why choose FancyCrypto?

1. Since 2016, FancyCrypto has been recognized as a legitimate crypto investment company [based in London]. 

2. It is a fully regulated platform that is entrusted by millions worldwide. 

3. Those who are interested in cloud mining will find the user experience of the FancyCrypto app is super easy. 

4. The proven track record of the company is the most important reason why people around the world are connecting with this company. 

5. The best part is that all the transactions including the daily income of a user are transparent. 

6. FancyCrypto is also amazing for its reasonable charges. It will cost you only $10/day. Besides, there are no hidden policies that save you a hefty lump of money that could be drained in the name of maintenance! 

7. The security of the FancyCrypto website is very high making sure that your data and transactions are safe with them. 

8. Another reason for choosing FancyCrypto is the various range of packages. Yes, you can opt for different packages depending on your budget. There are seven different packages that cover different facilities. Choose wisely! 

9. Anyone with minimum currency can be a part of the FancyCrypto Affiliate Marketing program. 

2. Hashing24

Hashing24 is another popular website after FancyCrypto. This site is also recognized worldwide with 10 years of reputation in the market. This site supports BTC and a daily payout model is available. 

Why choose Hashing24?

1. This site is reputed for its stable hash power. So, if you are looking for steady mining, this site is for you. 

2. Customer service of Hashing24 is available round the clock. 

3. There are several packages available based on your requirement as well as the daily basis payout model. 

4. If you are new to cloud mining then, you can try the free demo plan to stimulate profits. 


ECOS is popular among cryptocurrency miners for its low-fraud risk reputation. People from more than 100 countries are using ECOS to mine Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies. 

Why choose ECOS?

1. Unlike other websites, ECOS offers a fair chance to customize the contract purchasing process.

2. This site offered a minimum range to withdraw. 

3. ECOS is available as an app on both iPhone and Android. 

4. Bitdeer

Bitdeer is another finest collection among the best cloud mining companies. Bitdeer offers a high hash rate that is ideal for steady and longtime mining. 

Why choose Bitdeer?

1. Bitcoin, Ethereum, Zcash, and Litecoin are all supported in Bitdeer. 

2. It offers a high hash rate and is available for the common people. 

3. People using Bitdeer can buy and sell hash rates among themselves. 

5. StormGain

StormGain is another finest collection that made this list because of its worldwide popularity. People around the world are using StormGain and it has a proven record. 

Why choose StormGain?

1. StormGain is available as a mobile app for both iPhone and Android. 

2. The most amazing part is, the payout period is very short – every 30-40 minutes. 


We have discussed five amazing and outstanding cloud mining websites that are ruling around the world. If you are looking for a secure and steady hash rate cloud mining service, then FancyCrypto is recommended. Besides, you can check their referral programs for sustainable income. However, you can give a try to any of the five websites listed in this article. Share your experience! 

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