What is a Linux Server Platform, and Why Might Your Business Want One?


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Over 96.4% of the top web servers use Linux as their operating system. Linux is an open-source system that allows businesses to explore low-cost ways to deliver content, apps, and services to their clients. At its inception, this open-source adaptation created a vital community of resources that benefits everyone.

Accessing the resources behind a SUSE Linux Enterprise Server (SLES) affords developer teams and administrators many safe and versatile opportunities to adjust. Teams can utilize business systems and functions on-site, in the cloud, and manage edge systems to deliver invaluable business solutions quickly and efficiently.

Linux’s influence on business

Every business strives to upgrade its efficacy. In a fast-evolving tech environment, enterprises struggle to keep up with demand. Demand means driving productivity and being the first to deliver without sacrificing innovation, user-friendly interface applications, cloud storage, and state-of-the-art automation.

These innovative systems need to supplement the workload in versatile industries. These include virtual machinery, container dynamics, and public and private cloud storage facilities and must remain portable and scalable.

How a Linux server helps

Enter the modern secure platform that allows technology and businesses to flourish. In today’s complex world of technology that affects every facet of data and how it is collected, stored, manipulated, and secured, IT servers and their infrastructure rely heavily on a server platform that provides safety for their IT needs.

For that reason, millions of businesses turn to Linux to support them through the complexities. A Linux OS (operating system) receives the benefit of continual updates that a SUSE Linux Enterprise Server translates into usable and improved applications.

Each update capitalizes on the latest system updates and innovative technology that ignites further development. Linux provides secure and advanced forward-thinking technology in cloud tech, Linux container virtualization on a control host deployed from a single Linux kernel. These advancements also explore Kubernetes and IoT (Internet of Things) commands and massage each application to fit its purpose.

In simple terms, Linux is the hidden face behind the functionality of a business. Linux manages the complexities behind the scene dynamics that make a business run efficiently and allow it the flexibility to adapt and change to meet its demands.

The beauty of using Linux

Linux OS is a dynamo for servers and data centers that depend on a platform with a vast reach that is never stagnant. Since its inception, Linux has attracted developers who contribute to improving use, editing, and configuration functions. The Linux Kernel has left a massive footprint on Android OS for SmartPhones, cameras, IoT appliances and devices, SmartTVs, and a host of other tech gadgets.

Large-scale enterprise servers, mainframes, and cloud hardware harness Linux for fundamental reasons:

  1. Security feature
  2. Control network flow and traffic
  3. Versatility of using technology in various stages of advancement (old & new)
  4. Efforts to continually update, resolve & improve
  5. Sporadic server control 
  6. Improved ROI (return on investment)

The versatility of a Linux server

Enterprising companies rely on high-powered Linux OS for their flexibility. This flexibility allows them to capture unique business applications to suit specific needs.

A Linux OS server like SUSE allows a business to monitor and massage network and administration systems, manage databases and utilize web services and VA (virtual assistant technologies.

Linux is an industry-trusted brand. Users prefer Linux over others for its security, adaptability, and consistency. These three attributes are vital to any startup or existing business venture.

Choosing features and benefits of a Linux OS

Security is instrumental to any business and remains a crucial element when investing in an enterprise-grade Linux server. Any company investing in a Linux OS must understand that their Linux provider has built-in and customizable security controls that adapt to Linux and Windows interfaces.

This adaptability and usability allow a company to develop better business growth. A Linux system operating in its background means the business can concentrate on its area of expertise rather than struggle with complex security jargon and configuration errors.

When choosing a Linux server to help operate the business’s backside, it’s paramount to rely on a server that protects the complexities of the business aspects and its delicate data. The Linux server must also be compliant with current compliance regulations. 

For a business to invest in a Linux service provider, it should ensure that it meets these specs to advance a business’ scalability.

Secure resources

The Linux OS provider is integral to delivering integrated control features like identity management and advanced Security-Enhanced Linux and MAC (mandatory access controls). 

Regulatory compliance and security configuration

The system and its containers must have image-scanning capabilities to prevent security breaches. The Linux server provider must scale out applicable remediation to configure each of its business clients’ unique needs.

Continuous security updates

Businesses that rely on a Linux server should demand that the system delivers and targets critical issues. Security patch updates and secure automation alert detection are vital to the existence of vulnerable data breaches.

A key element for a successful Linux server is that it must stay within the defined perimeter of its design and have enough flexibility to adapt and compensate for disruptions. This feature should set the Linux system apart from the competition.

Look for these Linux features along with strong technical support:

  • Image deployment and patch management 
  • Competently provide storage, network, container, and other services
  • Automate consistency and compliance and simplify updates without service disruption

Linux servers are never stagnant. Innovation is the precipice of OS platforms, providing a secure, performance-enhancing environment for any business application. A Linux OS advances a business, not hindering it. It provides a supportive network that understands and harvests cloud technology services and operates quietly in the background.

SUSE Linux OS provides clients with superior technology and continuous improvements as this sector evolve to the next level. A key element for businesses to consider is that their Linux application allows them to access the source code and attracts a community response when problems surface.

Parting thoughts

Any existing or startup business depends on a Linux OS to scale the vast opportunities that the internet provides. It’s a helpful tool that runs efficiently in the background while performing momentously essential functions. 

Choosing a Linux provider like SUSE is a highly evolved decision that must take advantage of all the pertinent factors. 

Cody Rhodes
Cody Rhodes
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