What is 4K HD?


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4K HD is a term used to describe a high-definition video that has a 4,000-pixel resolution. Traditional 1080 HD has a resolution of 1920 X 1080. 4K high def has a resolution that is twice as good at 3840 X 2160. That extra resolution translates into a higher-quality picture, crisper visuals, and more colors. Some people question whether or not 4K is really that much better than regular HD. The answer is, yes, it is that much better. The difference is in the detail. If you were to zoom into a freeze frame on a 1080HD video, the closer you get the blurrier the details in the image will become. With 4K HD, you can get four times closer before things get blurry. In short 4K HD makes the picture really pop and sizzle, coming to life on the screen. Most users report after watching 4K for a short time, they never want to return to regular HD.

4K in Gaming VR?

As the technology in the virtual reality space continues to improve, the higher quality of video is becoming. The early days of VR featured mostly blurry, a choppy video that wasn’t that impressive. It quickly improved with HD, bringing more clarity to the video. With 4K it takes that clarity to a whole new level. Since VR is such an immersive experience, porn VR 4K only adds realism, drawing you that much further into the virtual world. 

With virtual reality exploding in popularity in both the adult and mainstream worlds, many companies are working on improving the hardware and software used to make and view VR videos or to play VR video games. Many adult production companies have started dedicating more and more of their content creation budgets to creating VR scenes for their members. VR is the fastest-growing category in the adult industry and is quickly set to become the dominating force in the industry. With 4K (and eventually 8K), more and more people are giving it a try because the quality is so high it must be seen to be believed. With up to 360 degrees of viewing, digital sound, and videos created specifically for the interactive nature of VR, the new wave of adult VR videos are mind-blowing!

Where Does it Go From Here?

The next thing on the horizon is 8K HD. Whereas 4K HD has twice the resolution of standard HD, 8K has twice the resolution of 4K giving it an even more detailed and natural-looking picture. It won’t be long before the video will be so high quality you won’t be able to tell it from the real thing.

The current hurdle that is holding 8K back is hardware based. It takes special cameras to shoot and you have to have a device that can view 8K resolution. There simply are not many of either of these on the market and what is out there is still expensive. As the technology improves and gets cheaper, we should start seeing major production companies like Netflix, Hulu, and more traditional movie companies like Sony, Paramount, and MGM creating content in 8K. Virtual reality shouldn’t be too far behind that. 

Keeping it Together

With so many companies (both adult and mainstream) creating content, it can be challenging to find the highest-quality content and in some cases, it may be in a format that is not compatible with your VR viewer. SexLikeReal is the solution to this problem (at least on the adult side). They work with the world’s biggest and best VR production companies to curate a library of adult VR videos that is second to none. The site is easy to use, has an APP, and updates its massive library daily. As technology continues to improve, SLR will remain on the cutting edge, bringing you the best of the best VR content.

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