How To Fix Google Play Redeem Gift Card Error Code  PRS-PGCSEFC-01?

People are facing a strange Gift Card Error when they go ahead with redeeming on Google Play Store.

Unfortunately, Google has not released any solution to it

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Over a period of a few months, people have found the root cause of the issue.

It is a mismatch between the country that issued the redemption card and where the Google Play account was created.

It mandates the gift card to be from the same country where the account holder resides.

How To Fix Google Play Redeem Gift Card Error Code PRS-PGCSEFC-01?

Here is one suggested by a user

1. Connect to USA VPN using a VPN app

2. Close the Play Store app, force-stop it from Settings

3. Only then re-open Play Store app

4. Go to Menu-> Redeem, enter the code, change your country to USA in the process

The Previous Method is applicable only if you are in a different country from where the Gift Card was purchased.