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Unraveling the Mystery: Understanding the MMR System in Valorant

In Valorant, your journey through the ranks isn’t determined solely by your number of victories or losses. Beneath the surface, an invisible mechanic influences your ascent or descent – the Matchmaking Rating, or MMR. Let’s pull back the veil on this enigmatic system, exploring how it works and impacts your Valorant experience.

What is MMR?

MMR is an unseen number that Riot Games uses to estimate your skill level. It’s independent of your rank and is used to match you with and against players of a similar ability, striving to create balanced and competitive games. But what does it mean in practical terms, and how does it affect your progression in Valorant?

How Does MMR Work?

The MMR system in Valorant follows a straightforward principle – win games, and your MMR increases. Lose games, and it decreases. However, the amount your MMR changes isn’t just determined by whether you win or lose, but also by the MMR of your opponents. If you manage to beat a team with a higher average MMR, you’ll gain more MMR than if you triumph over a team you were expected to beat. If you want a deep dive into this, this article on matchmaking offers a comprehensive overview.

MMR and Your Valorant Rank

Your MMR and rank in Valorant are closely intertwined. The amount of Ranked Rating (RR) you gain or lose after each match is influenced by your MMR. If your MMR is high for your rank, you’ll gain more RR for a win and lose less for a defeat. Conversely, if your MMR is low for your rank, you’ll gain less RR for a win and lose more for a defeat.

Why is MMR Invisible?

Riot Games keeps MMR hidden to prevent players from focusing solely on their MMR instead of enjoying the game. While it can be tempting to obsess over numbers, the real thrill of Valorant lies in its competitive spirit and tactical gameplay.

How to Improve Your MMR

Improving your MMR boils down to winning matches, and the key to winning matches is improving your skills. Practice your aim, familiarize yourself with different agents and their abilities, and develop your game sense. Valorant is a team-based game, so learning how to effectively communicate and collaborate with your team can also significantly boost your winrate in Valorant.


Understanding the MMR system can help you make sense of your progress in Valorant. It’s not just about winning or losing, but about who you win or lose against. So, the next time you head into a ranked match, remember that every victory, every defeat, is a step on your journey, shaping your Matchmaking Rating (MMR) in the process.

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