Are you unable to connect Google Wallet with an Apple Wallet pass? Here’s a solution


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In March, Google Wallet introduced support for a new feature that allows users to import “.pkpass” files from Apple Wallet into Google Wallet. In other words, if you receive a digital pass in “.pkpass” format, you can easily add it to Google Wallet for quick access.

To use this feature, users can simply tap the “Add to Apple Wallet” button when they receive a digital pass. This will download the “.pkpass” file, which can then be imported into Google Wallet. In some scenarios, users may need to use the Safari browser to complete the “.pkpass” import process. Pkpass files are the format of digital tickets and pass one download to load onto Apple Wallet on iOS. This feature has been widely rolled out to Google Wallet and Play Services now, allowing users to import passes from Apple Wallet.

Some Android apps were lacking the “Add to Apple Wallet” option, which prevented users from easily saving digital passes to their Google Wallet. Additionally, even when users attempted to add passes manually by downloading the “.pkpass” file, they encountered errors, such as in the case of minor league baseball tickets.

While more Android users should start noticing support for Apple’s digital pass format from April 5th onwards, it may take some time for apps to fully implement this support and resolve any existing errors.

However, not all services that offer digital passes provide the “.pkpass” file needed to import the pass into Google Wallet. This means that while the feature is available, it may not work smoothly for every digital pass you encounter. Tech journalist and leaker, Max Weinbach has found a workaround for the issue with Google Wallet’s support for importing passes from Apple Wallet.

Google Wallet doesn’t support Apple Wallet, here’s a workaround

When users faced such errors, they were recommended to open the link in Safari, which is the default browser on iOS devices. However, the workaround is not applicable to Android users, as they cannot use Safari.

Users can transfer passes from Apple Wallet to Google Wallet by sharing them via messaging or other apps. This method allows them to transfer the necessary “.pkpass” file to import into Google Wallet. This means that any pass in Apple Wallet can be accessed on Google Wallet if you have an iPhone.

Refer to the screenshots shared by Max

While this method may seem a bit complex, it provides a solution for Android users who want to use Google Wallet. As Google Wallet’s support for “.pkpass” files improves, it should become easier for companies to offer their passes to Android users.

What are Google Wallet and Apple Wallet?

Google Wallet and Apple Wallet are mobile apps that allow users to store digital versions of things like boarding passes, event tickets, loyalty cards, and more. Apple Wallet uses a file format called “.pkpass” for these digital passes. This feature is especially useful where the sites only have an “add to Apple Wallet” button, but does not have an “add to Google pay button”. However, do keep in mind that there is no way to add all of the Apple Wallet passes to Google Wallet.

Overall, this new feature makes it easier for users to manage their digital passes across different platforms, allowing them to access all their passes in one place. Google can now say that it supports this format with a disclaimer on a website “Here’s your digital pass” instead of “Here’s your Apple pass”.

In March, some Android users began to notice that Google Wallet started supporting Apple’s pass format, which is used for digital passes in Apple Wallet. Initially, this support was limited to a small number of users.

Google then expanded this support by allowing users to add more types of passes directly from Gmail. For example, if you receive a confirmation email for a movie or flight, you can now easily add the corresponding pass to Google Wallet. This makes it more convenient to access important information when you need it.

Additionally, Google introduced a feature that allows users to archive older passes. This helps users keep their digital wallets organized by removing passes that are no longer needed while keeping important ones easily accessible.

Google Wallet’s support for “.pkpass” files, will potentially simplify the process for companies to increase their user base by distributing passes to Android users. While it may take some time for this support to be fully implemented and widely available, its current availability still provides immediate benefits to both users and companies.

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