The Top Three Online Games You Can Play On Your Mobile Phone if You Travel Often


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Gamers and online gamblers worldwide have increased in numbers during the pandemic years, but that’s not the only reason for such an increase. Some gamers simply love to see the newest games with great graphics and don’t mind spending a great deal of cash on the best gaming laptops

Others enjoy visiting online casino India real money and deposit cash to play their favourite slots, reels, roulette, poker, baccarat, blackjack, and more. Whichever game we take into question, one thing is certain – people love entertainment and having fun while playing their favourite games on their mobile phones and PCs.

Here, we’ve decided to present you with the best and most interesting games that have shown as a great pastime for long car, plane, bus, or train rides. Have a look at what we found. 

The top three mobile games for travelling enthusiasts

Our top three mobile game picks for travelling enthusiasts are:


If you’re a fan of mixing and matching – try out Alphabear. The game’s goal is to suit-up bears appropriately, and as a bonus, you’ll get to learn new words each time you complete a level. After you complete a level, a bear will present you with a mad lib, where, among some words you already may know, there will undoubtedly be some which are completely new for you. What a fun way to learn new words while travelling, right? 


This game is perfect for those who love math. You get to shoot out cubes with numbers and hit the cubes on the board to make larger number sums and destroy one matching number with the other. Be careful not to fill the board because once you do – you will lose. This game is perfectly suitable for long car rides as it will keep you occupied and entertained.

Alto’s adventure

If you like beautifully themed games – Alto’s adventure is a must. You’ll get to play in a scenery full of mountain vistas, llamas and snow. Though the game’s goal is pretty straightforward, and that is – to survive, watch out for cranky senior people who will give their best to push you down a hillside if you disturb them anyhow.

Closing remarks

As you can see, there’s a great choice of mobile games you can play on the go. If you like to travel, chances are you’ll spend hours in the backseat of a friend’s car, on a bus, on a plane, or a train. In such times, it’s best to pick the most suitable games to keep yourself occupied and help the time pass faster. We hope our list has helped you find your suitable pick.


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