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After a hard day’s work, one of the best types of relaxation is ira. But with a large number of resources, it is very difficult to understand and choose the best one. Therefore, we have compiled for you a list of some of the most popular free games on pc. Each of them is unique and very interesting. You can find them on FastDownoload or anywhere else on the internet.

Amulet Of Dreams

Alison and Aiden never parted. From childhood, they were always together and this continued until the girl suddenly fell ill. Doctors tried to help Alison, but their options were limited. Near death, Alison calls Aiden to her and tells her a rather strange story that tells about an amazing magical land where she used to be a queen. Is that true? Without hesitation, the brave boy decides that he is ready to do anything for the sake of his beloved friend. Get ready to make an exciting journey through the six realms of the Wizarding World and do everything possible to dethrone the insidious sorcerer, who is the main key to Alison’s salvation.

In this PC game, you have to unravel the mystery of Allison’s illness. Travel across parallel worlds. Defeat the powerful Mage and save the World!

In this game you will find:

– an intriguing plot;

– 7 locations;

– more than 40 scenes;

– 16 original puzzles;

– a map with hints;

– traveling through parallel worlds;

– original soundtrack;

– an atmosphere of magic and mystery.

In the meantime, do not forget to check out the cool designs of Mothers ring.

Family Vacation: California

We are used to the fact that the storylines of the free pc games to download Hidden Objects category are often based on cases of murder, kidnapping, and other crimes or mysticism. All these stories are already a little boring, aren’t they? Therefore, Meridian4 and Ocean Media have developed completely different games of the same genre.

Family Vacation California is a fresh, colorful, and kind game where you have to go to California with Barb and her family. Preparing for a trip always takes a lot of time. There are so many things to do: pack your bags, arrive at the airport on time, then check into a hotel, and much more! So you won’t get bored playing Family Vacation California and enjoy the gameplay!

Hidden World of Art

Classic computer games free have a rather unpredictable plot. There is no end to clients. Layer by layer, you carefully remove everything superfluous from the old canvases. And now the forgotten masterpieces of Titian and Leonardo da Vinci are born! In your hands – the creations of the geniuses of painting! Play a free scenic hidden object game now!

If you are a fan of the Hidden objects genre, then this game is strongly recommended to you, as it contains all the features of this category. You can easily enjoy the gameplay without any upfront investment, as this video game is completely free. Simple gameplay, consisting of a couple of buttons, will allow you to fully enjoy the game atmosphere without being distracted by negative emotions.

Immerse yourself in heroic adventures, create and have fun with the characters. On FastDownload you can download the game and it is suitable for children and adults.

Celtic Lore

This free download game is a combination of hidden object and puzzle games where you go to the world of fairies, gnomes, and magic to save your brother from the evil queen. You need to overcome the fear of this magical land and hatred for people to find your way to the end, in the queen’s floating tower, and save your brother before it’s too late.

Here, there are two kinds of hidden object gameplay. First, these are the standard settings for finding items in the list, but these items can be distributed across multiple screens. Depending on the color of the word in the list, you will know if it is on the current screen or somewhere else. This mechanic works quite well as it prevents clutter.

However, in other cases, you will not search through the listed list, instead, on the screen, you will see the silhouettes of objects, most of these elements are tubes, balls, squares, or other standard shapes. You will be very happy that there is a quick tooltip cooldown here when you find yourself at a dead end. Also, when it comes time to use these collected elements, there is not enough scale, so to speak, because the elements look large.

 The animated environments are quite beautiful, with rainbows, fireflies, and other twinkling lights taking you through the forests and villages of this mysterious land. The setting is great and the main plot (which is inspired by a true legend) is interesting.

Garden Rescue: Christmas Edition

The insidious bugs are coming again! They are ready to do anything to get revenge and ruin Christmas! So, the Beatles go on a large-scale offensive. But this time, Christmas trees are under attack! New bonuses and the opportunity to get new trophies are at your disposal, do not miss this opportunity! The style in the game, unfortunately, is not defined, and the following features can be distinguished: strategy, casual game, tower defense, steam achievements, and collectible cards.

Each of these games will give you real pleasure. Also, you can download games to play with a friend or alone. The main thing is to decide on the genre and choose the right one. But do not rush into this and carefully analyze a large number of offers on the Internet and we are sure you will find what you need.

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