4 of the Best Apps to Play Solitaire on your iPhone


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Are you looking for the best apps to play Solitaire? So, it means you are still stuck in the 1990 era when Microsoft introduced Microsoft Solitaire with Windows 3.0. It soon became a craze. In fact, it became the most used application, more than Microsoft Word. After that, many games came, ruled people’s hearts, and became a big thing. But the Solitaire craze is still there, and it seems you are also among those 1 million people who still love playing Solitaire even after 30 decades. That’s great!

Solitaire is one of the most happening card games that make your boring time joyful, dull mind attentive, and more focused. So, no matter your age or gender, there is no reason not to become a fan of this game. The best thing? You don’t have to stick to PCs because you can play it online and in in-app forms. You can download apps for Android and iOS versions and continue enjoying Solitaire fun.

Here are four iPhone Solitaire apps that you should download to bring a gist of relief to your life:

1. Solitaire Bliss

Solitaire Bliss was launched in 2019, and within three years, 1M people have downloaded it with 4.7 ratings. It shows that Solitaire Bliss is really a world full of joy, spreading happiness in people’s lives due to its amazing features and interesting gameplay.

It has around 30+ solitaire variations, from Spider, and FreeCell Solitaire to new versions, including Harp, Spiderette, etc. What makes it so happening is that this app has something for everyone and doesn’t disappoint any card lover. Its amazing features are like icing on the cake, giving it an engaging and addictive twist. You can customize the board background and cards’ background, change to solvable-only game mode, and zoom in and out of the game board at your convenience. On top of that, you can also play daily challenges to let your inner card lover shine and show others your abilities. In a nutshell, if you are looking for some exciting, blissful experience, Solitaire Bliss has all.

2. MobilityWare Solitaire

MobilityWare Solitaire is a popular app on the App Store with 4.7 ratings by 1.5M people. If you haven’t tried MobilityWare before, you should try it because its various card game options never disappoint you. You can start from Gin Rummy, Golf Solitaire, SpiderGo, or TriPeaks, and you will crave more. You might end up spending the whole night exploring its different versions. The best thing about MobilityWare is you can play many other games here to change your taste, for example, Jigsaw Puzzle, Dice Merge, Mahjong, Sudoku, and many more. So, MobilityWare is a house full of enjoyment for brain game lovers.

It also offers unique features, such as you can complete daily goals to level up and earn titles. Moreover, you can customize the game board and card backgrounds to create your kind of feel and environment. MobilityWare offers goal progressions and scores updating features to give an idea of your progress. So, with MobilityWare, you land in a world of fun games that are best for enhancing your cognitive abilities, focus, and problem-solving skills.

3. TripleDot 

If you haven’t downloaded TripleDot Solitaire, then you should because it is a must-have app for card game lovers. TripleDot Studios Limited offers various other games for people who love playing fun and brain games. But their Solitaire game is in a league of its own. Many people like its left-handed mode because only a few games have introduced this mode. So, it is the go-to solution for left-handers because they can play it comfortably. 

TripleDot keeps you updated about your scores from different angles, motivating you to play better so that you can score even better. In fact, it keeps a record of all your games to give you a deep insight into your performance.

4. Brainium

Brainium Solitaire was created by Brainium Studios based in Portland. They are best known for combining technology and creativity to give exceptional design and the best experience. You can see it in their Solitaire game as well. So, no wonder they have 4.7 ratings out of 1.1M reviews. This solitaire game is a beautiful mix of beauty and intuitiveness that gives this app love of so many people.

They offer different gaming modes, such as Draw 1 is for beginners, and challenge lovers can opt for Draw 3 or Vegas Play mode. Besides various background options, you can also upload your favorite picture to give it a more customized touch that you can feel as your own. Moreover, you can also track your track record to stay competitive. But if you want a modern version of the classic Solitaire game, then this game is what you want in your life!


If you think at certain points you get bored and need a solution to kill this boredom, then different variations of Solitaire are always ready to make you happy. You don’t need to rely on Microsoft Solitaire Collection. You can find many Solitaire apps and free online versions where you can play unlimited games without any tension of a subscription fee. All you need to do now is go ahead with downloading the app and get started. If you are still confused about the best app, take aid from our above-listed apps, and I assure you that you will not regret it.

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