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As mobile games continue to rise in popularity, more and more people are looking to their phones or tablets as a place where you can slot machine for free play rather than their computers or game consoles. While many people love online casinos and gambling games, a large group of people loves online gaming, popularly known as e-gaming. Importantly, with technological advancement, mobile applications offer both gaming and gambling experiences. Before you get lost trying to find that perfect game, check out this list of three awesome mobile apps for e-gaming that we think gaming enthusiasts should try.

With the introduction of mobile gaming, it’s easy to forget other platforms where you can access and play e-games. The mobile apps help you enjoy your online gaming experience. Importantly, you can find others who enjoy mobile games as you do from all over the world. Also, you can discuss new game releases with like-minded people without leaving your house. Notably, these apps offer fantastic features that make the most out of your mobile device’s capabilities while enhancing your gameplay experience. The following are the top three apps for e-gaming that you can download and try.


Zynga is a multiplayer online games series and one of the popular applications you can download and try out the games in the series. Notably, the application offers the best online casino and poker games for a player who loves gambling. Although you cannot win real money that you can cash out, you can use your winnings to buy virtual chips. The game has simple themes that are easy to understand; hence you can play and enjoy the fun even when it’s your first time. You can access and play the casino game on your mobile phone since the phone has fantastic graphics and the best user interface. Although the games are available at no cost, they are fun games you can try. Also, you can pay a small fee for the advanced features.

Pokemon Go

This is a unique online game sensation where players have to venture outside to capture Pokemon. The game entails going into the real world to conduct raid battles, collect poke stops and catch Pokemon. To enjoy the game, you need to use Bluetooth if you want to use an additional accessory, the GPS feature for navigation, and your camera, all available on your phone for capture sequences. The game is entirely available at no cost, so there is no risk in downloading and playing it. However, you can make an in-app purchase if you want advanced features and an opportunity to access the game without the ads. Notably, the game regularly features casino elements where players have a chance to win virtual presents after successful raids. The game is great fun, and you never feel like you’re bored.

Clash Royale

The Clash Royale mobile game was developed by Supercell and launched in 2016. The game is fun and allows the players to compete against opposing clans. The game entails trading cards, creating tower defence, and engaging in the multiplayer online battle arena. Notably, the application has in-app purchase options where you can pay to access advanced features. The game allows players to express their skills, which can be fun and addictive. Also, the players have access to high stake casino events and tournaments. If you are looking for top mobile apps for gaming offering casino experience together with no deposit bonuses, you can download and try Clash Royale.

Other Gaming Mobile Apps

Apart from the 3 top mobile apps for casino gaming, there are other e-gaming apps you can explore and pick the best based on your preference. Some of the other best apps for gaming and casino include half-brick studios, Nintendo games, square Enix, Noodlecake Studios, and Supercell games, among others. Notably, different applications have different features that you should be aware of. For example, some e-gaming applications are free, while you pay to use them. Also, different games have different themes to choose from; hence you will be spoiled for choice due to the many video games you can access. Importantly, if you are looking for gaming apps offering casino and gambling features, then you can read about the app first before you decide to download it.

How to Download, Install, and Begin Using Gaming Mobile Apps?

These are simple steps to download, install and begin using the esport applications:

  1. Open the play store and select games.
  2. Dail in the name of the game app you would like to download.
  3. Select the game from the list of suggested game options.
  4. Click on it to install.
  5. Click the accept button to confirm the installation. The game will start downloading with the percentage indicated under the game’s icon.
  6. Once the game is 100% downloaded, it will start to install automatically.
  7. You can select open to access the game and begin playing when the installation is complete.

Benefits of Using Gaming Mobile Apps

There are many benefits to using mobile gaming apps. Some of these benefits include:

  1. Convenience. Using mobile gaming apps enables you to play the video games of your choice without the need to leave the comfort of your house. Also, when you want to access specific games, you don’t have to leave your couch for another game station. You only need to search and install the gaming app with the games you are interested in and play.
  2. It saves time. Mobile gaming apps allow you to play your favourite games without the need for movement hence saving a lot of time you would use moving from one casino house to another.
  3. Affordable. Most gaming apps are accessible at no cost; hence you don’t need to incur costs to play them.
  4. Variety of e-gaming mobile apps to choose from. There are a variety of mobile gaming apps offering distinctive gaming experiences. If you are not pleased with your experience with one gaming application, you can choose another and settle on the one that best suits your specific gaming needs.
  5. Availability of mobile gaming applications with casino and betting features. If you are a fan of casinos, you may likely be looking for gaming applications offering casino experiences too. There are many mobile apps offering games with gambling options.


You can easily, conveniently, and affordably access these three top-quality mobile gaming applications, and enjoy the outstanding benefits of playing games. Furthermore, some of the expected fantastic benefits at your disposal when you play video games include boosting moods and stimulating your brain, among other benefits. Lastly, there are drawbacks to having gaming applications on your phone. For instance, the convenient accessibility to top-quality games on your phone can harm your performance at work or school. However, to overcome the shortcomings, you need to practice self-control and only visit the gaming application you have on your device during your leisure time.

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