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Top 3 Games to Play and Compete on your phone in 2021

Mobile games are some sort of a symbiont in our modern life. Often, while waiting for some business, or on a trip to a place, we take our phones and turn on some games to kill time.

Usually, when we do not know what to play, we go to the App Market for iOS or Google Play for Android and download new games that are published near every day. Most often people are not looking for a simple game where you only must click, but for something more “serious”, with more complex mechanics and gameplay.

To avoid running into some kind of ads or viruses, experts of the phoneswiki.com site recommend downloading games only from official sources like AppStore or Play Market. The apk-file downloaded from the Internet is very likely to be the very virus that will steal all your data, including banking data that will point to your finances. Now, let’s get back to the top 3 games to play and compete on your phone.

#3 – Don’t Starve: Pocket Edition

One of the famous games that PC users may have already played is Don’t Starve, the specific genre of which is quite easy to identify because of the game’s mechanics – survival simulation. If it’s not very clear what it is, it’s enough to remember any other game in the genre like Terraria, Seven Days to Die, Starbound and many others.

The gameplay is simple and strays forward – choose your character (each has unique abilities), gather resources, build a base and survive for as long as you can. The main and first thing the player must take care of is fire. It should be enough for the whole night because the monsters, which comes after the player at this time, is afraid of the light. Otherwise, he is invincible, which adds to the excitement of the game.

In addition to firewood, the hero must gather sustenance to satisfy his hunger and sleep to restore the unique indicator – nerves. It can decrease due to the influence of the monster and if you do not take care of the stats and monster, the mechanics of the game will change a lot – even more monsters will appear.

In general, the mechanics of the game are simple – find a way home, survive, not be caught by the monster. Albeit difficult at first glance, but quite feasible after few tries. The pretty cheap game which will give you a lot of positive emotions and will eat a lot of your time.

#2 – Online Casino Games

The casino game is primarily associated with card and pokie games such as one-armed bandits. One-armed bandit – this is one of the easiest games available at casinos. It should be emphasized that these games do not offer record winnings but winning a few tens of thousands of dollars is pretty possible.

The best way to play online pokies for real money in Australia and other countries is to visit the specialized site which allows you to play casino games for free and with real bets just by opening a link in your phone’s web browser. Thus you don’t even need to install additional software on your portable device.

#1 – Call of Duty: Mobile

The first place is taken by FPS-shooter, which was released a short time before the release of Call of Duty: Modern Warfare remaster. Especially for phones, the developers have made a fairly user-friendly control, which can be customized to your liking. Even the voice chat is present in this game, not the text chat, which is everywhere by default.

In general, the game offers you a lot of different modes, from one-on-one and five-on-five to 100 players on the field simultaneously in the Battle Royale mode.

Dive into the world of Call of Duty: Mobile from Activision and feel all the drive and adrenaline the game can give you.

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Audrey Throne
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