Top 10 Turkish Teachers and Online Lessons in 2022


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Turkish is the national language of Turkey and is therefore also called Turkey Turkish or Istanbul Turkish. It is the most largely spoken of the Turkic languages, amassing approximately 70 to 80 million speakers worldwide. There are concentrated groups of Turkish speakers in many areas of the world such as Austria, Bulgaria, Greece, parts of Europe and Central Asia – thus giving the language a considerable geographical spread.

Fortunately, learning Turkish has never been easier with online courses and tutors at your fingertips – with many Turkish tutors and lessons available online from many language learning websites. This article will cover the top 5 online Turkish tutors and lessons that you should check out if you want to start learning Turkish and how to maximize the online learning benefits of your Turkish classes. If you want to learn other languages online, you can find Spanish tutors and English tutors online on AmazingTalker.

We’ll discuss their prices, pros/cons, key features and available courses. Plus, if you still have some questions, we’ll answer some of the FAQs.

Top 10 Online Turkish tutoring websites

1. Amazing Talker


Amazing Talker is an online language learning platform that offers exceptional tutors from all around the world, who teach over 60 languages in 1-on-1 classes. Their website is an intuitive interface that helps you find the ideal Turkish tutor with just a few clicks. Their tutors are carefully vetted and have detailed bios and reviews to help you make an informed decision about which tutor you would like to choose. Their easy calendar booking system helps you see tutor availability with your own schedule to make sure you have flexibility in your lesson planning.

Key Features:

Amazing Talker features an AI-based online match-making system that is designed to help pair you with the most relevant and optimal tutors based on your learning needs and preferences. They have a great and diverse line-up of experienced and qualified native and/or bilingual tutors that cover 60+ languages and multiple proficiency levels within each language. Amazing Talker ensures that there is always a tutor and a lesson for someone. They offer cheap trial lessons to help you decide if the tutor and lesson are a good fit for you.

Price: Varies per tutor, but ranges from an average of $6 – $11 per 25 minutes lesson.

Available courses:

  • Turkish with Ezgi (Native)
  • Turkish with Rasul (Academic and Daily Turkish)
  • Speak like a local and native – Merve

Visit Amazing Talker

2. Preply


Preply is an online language education platform dedicated to providing students with quality and engaging learning with flexible scheduling of lessons. They have a large line-up of tutors registered to teach on the platform and while this may feel like an overload, there is an intuitive filter system on the website that is easy to use so that you can find the best matching tutor for you.

Key Features:

Preply’s lessons incorporate the cultural elements of the languages while preparing you for practical situations where you would need to use these communication skills – such as academic and business situations. This makes them a specialized teaching platform and can provide you with lessons to help you use Turkish in specific situations. Preply offers a great line-up of approximately 437 tutors in both native and specialized fields as well. The tutors offer affordable hourly rates that give you good value for money, with lessons being customized to reach whatever Turkish language goal that you have set yourself.

Price: Average of $15 per hour

Available courses/tutors:

  • Sevada. A (Top Tutor) – Advanced Turkish
  • Abdurraman. D (Top Tutor) – Native Turkish
  • Mustafa. O (Top Tutor) – Native Turkish

Visit Preply

3. italki


italki is a language learning platform that connects you to both teachers and tutors of various languages. It provides a great list of vetted tutors to teach you Turkish at your desired proficiency level. The tutors offer affordable lessons that concentrate on developing your verbal communication skills. They have great accessibility options with their apps on Android and Apple devices to accommodate your schedule.

Key Features:

italki has a good reputation for recruiting experienced and qualified tutors through their comprehensive vetting process, guaranteeing you a quality learning experience. As their name suggests, the focus of iTalki is developing your Turkish verbal communication skills such as pronunciation and related skills. While learning Turkish with italki, you will also have access to a supportive community of language learners and tutors that you can share your learning experiences with.

Price is quoted to be $4/hour with an average of $10/hour approximately

Available Tutors:

  • Ahmet Gülmez Professional Teacher and Native Speaker of Turkish
  • Onur – Professional and Certified Teacher
  • Ece – Community Tutor

Visit italki

4. Classgap


Classgap is an online platform that helps you find a tutor to teach you the language of your choice, such as Turkish. You can find your ideal tutor from a large offering of professionals who are registered on the platform. They will customize the course to your needs and help you to achieve your learning objectives.

Key Features:

Classgap provides many engaging and effective methods of teaching in their virtual classroom, which has everything you need from video conferencing, digital whiteboards, an online document editor, YouTube and Google Drive features. Their expert and certified tutors offer tailored lessons with a 100% money-back guarantee. With enhanced flexibility for your schedule, they even give you the option to reschedule a class at any time, to make sure you never miss a beat.

Price: Average of $11 per hour

Available tutors:

  • Ali – 7 years teaching Turkish at all levels
  • Vugar – Multilingual
  • Jasmin – individual and group lessons

Visit Class Gap

5. Verbling


Verbling is an online language learning platform that teaches over 70 languages with a community of 10,000 expert tutors that have been carefully vetted and recruited based on their qualifications, certifications and experience. Their website has a detailed filtering and selection tool to help you choose a Turkish tutor by price, availability, location, the type and level of languages they speak (including native and bilingual).

Key Features:

Verbling offers learners their first trial lesson free of charge to help you decide if the tutor and lessons are an ideal fit for your learning needs and goals. The tutors registered on Verbling have all been carefully screened and selected based on their skills, experience and qualifications – ensuring that all tutors deliver a quality educational experience to learners wishing to learn Turkish.

Price: An average of $17 (Ranges between $4 – $75)

Available tutors:

  • Seray Çörekçi (Featured Tutor) – Native Turkish speaker and Multilingual
  • Birsen Ozbilge (Featured Tutor) – Native Turkish speaker and Multilingual
  • Seda Akay – Native Turkish speaker and Multilingual


1. How do I know that the Turkish teachers are qualified and experienced?

Tutors are required to be trained and certified in teaching languages as a foreign language (TEFL) or teaching languages as a second language (TESL/TESOL). You would know certified tutors in Turkish by seeing such certifications on their profile or bio. At Amazing Talker, tutors are carefully vetted and selected based on their experience and certifications in language teaching. Find qualified Turkish teachers now

2. Are the Turkish lessons tailored to my level?

Online Turkish lessons are customized to your language proficiency level such as beginner, intermediate and advanced levels of Turkish proficiency. They are also tailored to the learning goals you have, such as if you want to speak Turkish like a local/native or if you want to learn academic Turkish for educational reasons. Good Turkish tutoring is achieved by personalizing their lessons to your learning requirements and level of proficiency to make sure you learn effectively while remaining motivated.

3: How long does it take to learn Turkish for beginners?

It would take you approximately 1100 hours or 44 weeks to learn Turkish as a beginner. The Turkish language is known to be relatively easy for native English speakers to learn, as its alphabet has Latin letters which makes it easier to read. Turkish also has an organized structure with consistent phonetic pronunciations, making it less complicated than other foreign languages out there.

Are you ready to learn from your best-matched Turkish Tutor and Lesson?

We hope you’ve found your ideal Turkish online tutor and are ready to embark on your Turkish language learning journey. Please remember our tips on how to maximize the benefits of learning Turkish online and you will do amazingly!

Be sure to visit AmazingTalker to check out our awesome certified tutors who are eager to teach you Turkish (and many other languages) whenever you are ready. We hope to see you there!

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