Top 10 Free Fire Tips to Become a Pro in 2022


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Free fire is a free-to-play shooter that has been downloaded by over 50 million people. And with so many players playing this game, no wonder the competition is only getting harder with each passing day, in that case, there are even PC versions of the battle royale game mode which you can get from cheap cd keys. While it’s not easy to just overcome these challenges overnight, it’s possible to make things easier for you to grasp the learning curve is a quick way.

And today, we will share 10 free fire tips and tricks that you can use to improve your Free Fire account stats like a pro. These include methods for winning more rounds, getting free loot boxes, and increasing the chances of winning free prizes from events!

Use The Right Weapon for the Situation

One of the most important free fire tips is to use the right weapon for the situation. Different weapons are better suited for different situations, so it’s important to know which ones to use and when. For example, assault rifles are great for long-range combat, while submachine guns are better suited for close-range fights. Be sure to take note of which weapons your free fire teammates use, so you can choose the right one when needed!

Use Grenades Effectively

Another free fire tip is knowing how and when to properly use grenades. One grenade that’s very useful in free fire is the frag grenade, which explodes on impact. Using these grenades in free fire will help you gain an advantage over your opponents, especially if they’re hiding behind cover!

Activate Push to Talk Functions for Voice Chats

One of the most annoying things in Free Fire can be voice chats with other players because there’s no way to mute them. However, there is a way to solve this issue – by activating the push to talk function! This will allow you to only hear voice chats when you want to, which can be especially helpful in team-based games.

Use The Map To Your Advantage

One of the main things that separate Free Fire from other shooters is its huge map. Knowing how to use the map to your advantage is essential for winning rounds. For example, try using the different elevations on the map to take enemies by surprise. Additionally, always be aware of where enemies are located so you don’t get flanked!

Loot Weapons and Gear From Enemies Killed In Combat

One of the best things about free fire is that you can loot weapons and gear from enemies killed in combat. This can give you a significant advantage over your opponents, so always be on the lookout for dropped weapons and gear!

Use The Right Attachments For Your Weapons

In free fire, you can attach different attachments to your weapons to improve their performance. These attachments include scopes, silencers, and extended magazines. Be sure to experiment with different attachments to find those that work best for your playing style!

Loot Chests And Barrels To Get Free Gear

Buying items with Free Fire Diamonds is a great way to make quick progress in the game but one of the best ways to get free gear in free fire is by looting chests and barrels. They are often found in key locations on free fire maps and can be looted once they’ve been opened. These chests contain free loot boxes that you can open to get free gear!

Take Advantage Of Free Fire Events To Get More Loot

One of the best ways to improve your free fire gameplay is by taking advantage of free events. Each event has its own theme and special items available for those who complete it successfully, so take part in as many as possible! For example, free fire recently held a free event themed around the World Cup that had free soccer-related gear.

Use Teamwork To Your Advantage

Free fire is most fun when you play with friends or teammates, so make sure to use teamwork whenever possible! Utilizing free fire’s built-in voice chat feature can be very helpful for this purpose, as it allows you to talk with your team members at any time! Additionally, always try to stay close together on free fire maps in case enemies spawn nearby.

Collect Free Fire Coins And Rewards From Daily Challenges

One of the best ways to get free coins and rewards in free fire is by completing daily challenges. Each day new challenges that can be completed are added to free fire, and completing them rewards you with free coins and other items. Be sure to complete as many challenges as possible each day to get the best rewards!

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