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Tips to Crack Certbolt A+ Exams and Earn CompTIA A+ Certification On First Try

CompTIA A+ is an entry-level qualifying certification, required by professionals to demonstrate their expertise in various IT support procedures. This credential is an industry-standard to measure your in-depth knowledge and skills in numerous technical support areas such as installation, a configuration of hardware, software and mobile devices, cybersecurity measures, cloud computing, and other operational tasks.

Since the Certbolt  A+ badge is trusted by employers worldwide to recognize the “Go-to-persons” with the ability to think proactively and successfully perform critical support tasks, this badge is very much in demand by IT technicians. It helps them launch their careers at the help desk. Thus, many world-class companies like Intel, Hp, NISSAN, etc hire A+ certified specialists for critical roles such as Service desk analyst, Tech-support specialist, Associate Network Engineer, etc.

To earn this Certbolt  CompTIA A+ credential, you must pass two core tests – Core 1 (220-1001) and Core 2(220-1002) separately.

Tips to Crack A+ Certification Exams

Earning the Certbolt  CompTIA A+ certification needs a lot of preparation and some important guidelines to help you achieve the badge smoothly and efficiently. So, to become A+ certified, follow the tips provided below visit https://www.certbolt.com :

  • Understand the Purposes of CompTIA A+ Certification

The first and foremost step, before you go for the CompTIA A+ certification, is to understand the reasons of getting this badge. It’s a vendor-neutral credential that will help you lauch a career in IT in a wide variety of worldly known companies. A+ is the best certification if you’ve set the aim to gain technical support roles.

  • Know the A+ Exams Objectives

No matter which certification you are going to get, you need to pass one exam or more. To obtain A+ credential, you’ll have to ace 2 tests: 220-1001 and 220-1002. They will check if you possess the relevant skills for IT support professionals and able to complete tasks related to security, hardware, virtualization, software troubleshooting, operating systems, among many.

  • Find the exam details

Knowing the exam details will ease your way of passing it. Thus, A+ tests contain 90 questions each and should be completed within 90 minutes. The passing score for the first assessment is 675 points, while for the second one- 700 points. The price of each exam is $226.

  • Check the Vendor’s Prep Options

Success in your Certbolt A+ exams depends on proper preparation. First of all check the options offered by the vendor itself. Thus, you can choose to attend instructor-led training, video training, prepare with virtual labs, or study guides.

  • Use practice tests

Among the supplementary options, using practice tests from the third-party websites, is an ideal variant for you. These files contain questions and answers from the previous A+ exams. Thus, you’ll get the insight of what is waiting for you at the main exam. To add more, practice tests are opened on the testing engine that recreates the real exam environment. This equips you with the necessary skills to crack the main A+ exams within the given time.


Earning CompTIA A+ certification might sound a little overwhelming with so many comprehensive requirements, but these small yet significant tips would guide you to understand the objectives, know the available prep options and help you choose the most effective ones. So, if you are one of those candidates seeking the best badge to start a career in IT, then an A+ credential is what you need. Wish you luck!

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