Tips to Avoid Online Mobile Gaming Scams


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The mobile phone gaming industry is evolving rapidly for the past decade. On the one hand, this is bringing revolution for online gamers. But on the other hand, it is exposing those gamers to cybercrimes and hackers as well. Therefore, it is crucial to know the methods that can help us stay away from online scams.

Top Online Mobile Gaming Scams

Scammers and internet users always have a relation. Internet scammers invent creative methods to get the best of internet users. Mobile gamers are the top victims of cyber-attacks due to a lack of info and knowledge. 

Privacy Breach

The primary problem mobile gamers face each day is privacy breaches by hackers. This breach involves an attack on personal data and login credentials. If we discuss the reasons behind these attacks, they are apparent.

First, hackers attempt to steal your login info so they can get access to your credit cards or other financial information. Thus, they use that info later for online purchases. If you are an online bookmaker, you will understand the situation in the best way.

Although the success rate of mobile privacy breaches regarding credential-stealing is meagre, it still creates an impact. The best way to avoid the situation is to use different passwords for each mobile game. Try to use multiple combos in your passwords. So, the hackers can’t access all your gaming data by using a single password. 

Financial attacks

These attacks are the most common in the gaming industry and have a high success rate. New mobile gamers face problems while countering these attacks due to their advanced tactics. The hackers build up a website or an application that looks like a legit app on the internet.

Later, through this app, they try to attack your finances. The best way to complete this attack is by setting up a signup fee or a monthly subscription fee. Some of the games and apps offer payout as well on completion of a game mission or stage. But these hackers collect your credit card info and refuse to pay it back later by hiding behind their complex terms and systems.

Mobile gamers can prevent the situation by checking the credibility of the site/app. Also, it is essential to read the terms and conditions page vividly before signing up for a new app. 

Malware Attacks

Malware attacks are also successful for gamers as they have a unique attack tactic as well. Instead of asking for credit card info, the hackers lure the gamers into their web. Whenever a player starts playing the game on mobile, the hackers send an ad for a downloadable item of the game. They try to make the ad look as fancy as possible. 

If the player clicks on the ad and installs the app or downloads the item, it will create malware on the mobile device. Thus, making an impact on the mobile phone’s performance and affecting players’ privacy as well. 

The only and best way to avoid the situation is never to trust third-party sites and apps. Instead, always download your games from recognized and official forums. 

Elizabeth Baldridge
Elizabeth Baldridge
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