TikTok Rating Drops From 4.5 To 2 In Four Days Due To Controversies

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YouTube and TikTok are among the most used social media platforms in India. Post deletion of Carryminati’s famous video, YouTubers and Memers have united to bring down TikTok on Google Play Store. Read on for how this alliance has almost destroyed TikTok on Google Play Store in a mere week.

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TikTok is an app generally used for short entertainment videos. At the same time, YouTube is more preferred as a long term video platform that has videos of all types – be it entertainment, education, vlogging, music, and anything you can think.

YouTube is a safe platform for viewing videos and has strict content quality policies. TikTok, on the other hand, is considered misleading, vulgar, and has almost no control over the quality of content being posted on the app.

A video from YouTuber Carryminati roasting cringe TikTok video creators became a sensation and crossed 10 Million+ likes in no time. However, it was reported by some people, and the video was taken down.

Since then, YouTubers, Memers on Instagram, and Facebook have united to support Carry and also received support from regular social media users of India.

Mass Reporting has started In TikTok on Google Play store, and everyone is rating it 1 star.

A week ago, TikTok had a 4.5-star rating with 21 Million reviews. Now, just after a week, the rating has dropped to 2 stars with 23 Million total reviews. It means that at least 2 million negative ratings are submitted in a week.

Carry’s video being taken down is not the only reason for people’s anger on TikTok.

A recent voice call leak of a popular TikToker abusing Carry and YouTubers has gone viral, which has added fuel to the fire.

As if that’s not enough, famous TikTok star Amir Siddiqui’s video allegedly glorifying violence on woman has gone viral, and an FIR has been filed against him by different commission working for women’s rights.

Even though he has clarified that he was using water and not acid, he had also uploaded similar videos earlier, which are going viral now. He cannot possibly defend himself with such excuses now as a commission has asked TikTok to ban his account, which has more than 14 million fans on the app.

Meanwhile, Carry’s new video explaining his previous deleted video has received massive support from people and has already crossed 38 Million Views and 7 Million likes.

The steps that are being taken to curb TikTok in India are at its peak as now bodies working for women safety and animal safety have written to the government informing how the app is misguiding youth and why the app should be taken down.

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