Quordle Answers Today: Check hints, and clues to solve word puzzles!


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Quordle Answers Today: Looking for a fun and challenging word game to play? Quordle might be just what you’re looking for! In this game, you must guess a five-letter word that applies to four different words at the same time. It’s like playing four rounds of Wordle all at once! To help you out, we’ve put together some helpful hints and clues for today’s Quordle puzzle.

How to Play Quordle?

If you’ve never played Quordle before, don’t worry – it’s easy to learn! The game can be played with any number of players, although it’s usually played with two or more. The goal of the game is to create as many words as possible from a set of letter tiles within a specified time limit. The player with the most points at the end of the game wins.

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Quordle Clues Today – Tuesday, December 26 (game #701)

So, what’s today’s Quordle puzzle? Here are some hints and clues to help you solve it:

1) First word
The word has two vowels.
The word starts with the letter T.
Refers to playing cards.

2) Second word
The word has one vowel.
The word starts with the letter W. 
Squeezing something to force liquid from it.

3) Third word
This word has two vowels.
The word starts with the letter O.
A card game in which the five of trumps ranks highest.

4) Fourth word
The word has two vowels.
The word starts with the letter C. 
A steep, narrow slope down which people or things can slide.

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Quordle Answers Today – Tuesday, December 26 (game #701)

Spoiler Alert: Are you ready for the Quordle answers? Here they are:

The answers to today's Quordle, game #701, are…


Quordle Answers Today: Check hints, and clues to solve word puzzles!
Image credit: Merriam-Webster

Previous Quordle answers

DateQuordle answers
December 26Ranch, Haute, Leash, Wiser
December 25Ranch, Haute, Leash, Wiser
December 24Furry, Skate, Share, Weedy
December 23Exult, Wheat, Scene, Cress
December 22Fruit, Sweet, Meaty, Ember
December 21Tense, Scalp, Quasi, Prawn
December 20Humph, Sower, Wagon, Edict
December 19China, Trunk, Suave, Deter
December 18Flunk, Train, Skate, Sprig
December 17Solar, Genie, Ennui, Place
December 16Exult, Posse, Frank, Spiky
December 15Felon, Ghost, Sassy, Clear
December 14Fewer, Rerun, Speak, Creep
December 13Melee, Golly, Heist, Place
December 12Scrap, Ethos, Condo, Snort
December 11Basal, Baron, Haste, Mania
December 10Godly, Thump, Plank, Civic
December 9Poker, Whack, Hobby, Bagel
December 8Theft, Saint, Mushy, Talon
December 7Snaky, Spoon, Suite, Spelt
December 6Scoff, Tonic, Waver, Fizzy
December 5Prank, Shush, Cutie, Shell
December 4Stomp, Kneed, Nanny, Buddy
December 3Stick, Twice, Whoop, Waive
December 2Depot, Modal, Panic, Gruff
December 1North, Puppy, Think, Pluck
November 30Amble, Briar, Berth, About
November 29Omega, Koala, Above, Troll
November 28Pesky, Piece, Baste, Brace
November 27Aside, Dimly, Local, Clump
November 26Chord, Horse, Verse, Ahead
November 25Vouch, Decoy, Mirth, Twang
November 24Cutie, Twirl, Flush, Mummy
November 23Proxy, Carry, Shear, Shade
November 22Patio, Stern, Cocoa, Sloop
November 21Touch, Triad, Fight, Reach
November 20Tuber, Egret, Gaily, Adept
November 19Sooth, Irate, Angle, Badge
November 18Tying, Bacon, Urban, Guise
November 17Beret, Score, Aorta, Sedan
November 16Conch, Perch, Anvil, Hatch
November 15Blend, Greed, Cumin, Flunk
November 14Chime, Pulpy, Taper, Olden
November 13Shell, Allow, Sheen, Prude
November 12Chase, Loath, Rusty, Diode
November 11Below, Buddy, Bring, Robot
November 10Quoth, Witty, Chose, Frond
November 9Clink, Beach, Bevel, Elfin
November 8Maybe, Nomad, Impel, Verge
November 7Pesto, Smoky, Quasi, Utile
November 6Perky, Month, Dress, Overt
November 5Graph, Dirge, Polar, Speck
November 4Gusto, Swift, Stake, Range
November 3Buggy, Riper, Bluff, Snail
November 2Slime, Fancy, Pulse, Admit
November 1Angst, Suite, Hippo, Clamp
October 31Shire, Shorn, Bongo, Laden
October 30Chess, Easel, Gloom, Gleam
October 29Agate, Felon, Hater, Threw
October 28Pitch, Scale, Undid, Thigh
October 27Under, Quota, Grove Joust
October 26Crump, Eaten, Swoon, Baron
October 25Weedy, Blush, Guile, Thing
October 24Bayou, Study, Quilt, Gummy
October 23Dozen, Polar, Frost, Cobra
October 21Snarl, Rayon, Fetid, Stave
October 20Puffy, Solar, Exult, Tabby
October 19Bused, Truer, Argue, Singe
October 18Whiny, Diode, Broil, Tawny
October 17Occur, Stomp, Aging, Orbit
October 16Jazzy, Geese, Churn, Cacao
October 15False, Flame, Hyper, Lurch
October 14Ralph, Habit, Strip, Wiser
October 13Grill, Seedy, Frond, Mural
October 12Awful, Stole, Admin, Limit
October 11Moody, Grimy, Sappy, Nurse
October 10Putty, Karma, Stiff, Plumb
October 9Verge, Error, Goofy, Steak
October 8Ready, Abase, Puffy, Utile
October 7Pagan, Aloof, Spiky, While
October 6Sword, Refer, Guild, Nasal
October 5Straw, Tilde, Miner, Carve
October 4Whiff, Creep, Blunt, Spell
October 3Qualm, Caulk, Voila, Going
October 2Guava, Flora, Legal, Onion
October 1Least, Array, Bowel, Matey


    How many players can play Quordle?

    Quordle can be played with any number of players, although it’s typically played with two or more.

    What is the objective of Quordle?

    The objective of Quordle is to create as many words as possible from a set of letter tiles within a specified time limit. The player with the most points at the end of the game wins.

    Are there any uncommon letters used in Quordle words?

    No, all of the letters used in Quordle words are commonly used.

    What are Quordle Rules?

    1. In Quordle, letters that are in the answer and are in the correct position will be shown in green.
    2. Letters in the answer but in the wrong position will be displayed in yellow.
    3. Letters that are not in the answer will be shown in gray.
    4. It’s important to note that the word you guess appears in all quadrants of the puzzle simultaneously. So, for example, an “A” could be green in one square, yellow in another, and gray in the remaining two squares.
    5. The answers are always singular words, never plural.
    6. Letters can appear more than once in the answer. If your guess includes two of the same letter, both instances may turn yellow, or green, or one could be yellow while the other is green.
    7. Each guess you make must be a valid word according to Quordle’s dictionary. Non-words like “ABCDE” are not allowed.
    8. In subsequent guesses, you are not obligated to include correct letters from previous guesses.
    9. There is no harder difficulty equivalent to Wordle’s Hard mode. The challenge remains constant.
    10. You have a total of nine guesses to find the Quordle answers.
    11. To complete the daily Quordle, you must submit your guesses before midnight in your local time zone.

    Any tips to play Quordle game

    These tips are generally helpful for players looking to improve their performance.

    Prioritize words with abundant vowels:
    Opt for words rich in vowels as they can establish a foundation for your guesses, simplifying the overall process.
    Select words containing common letters:
    Focus on words that feature frequently used letters, both vowels (a, e, i, o, u) and common consonants (e.g., s, r, t, n). This approach narrows down possibilities more efficiently.
    Stay attuned to color-coded hints and remaining attempts:
    Monitor the color-grading feedback for each guess, which indicates the correct letters and their positions. Keep an eye on the number of attempts remaining to adjust your strategy accordingly.

    In addition to these, consider the following tips:
    Diversify your guesses:
    Explore various word combinations instead of sticking to similar starting letters or patterns. This approach helps eliminate letters and refine your guesses more effectively.
    Take into account word length:
    Factor in the length of the target word. If you have identified a few correct letters, focus on guessing words that match both the length and known letters to narrow down possibilities.
    Consider word structure:
    Ponder the structure of words, including common prefixes, suffixes, and roots. This knowledge assists in making informed guesses that share similar word structures.
    Remember that honing your skills in Quordle requires practice and strategic thinking. Each game offers an opportunity to learn and apply different approaches. Best of luck on your Quordle journey!

    Share with us how many attempts you took to solve today’s Quordle puzzle!

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