Is The Last of Us 3 release far away? No ready scripts claim by voice actor


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While there are confirmed hints that The Last of Us 3 exists, official confirmation or the initiation of production remains uncertain. In a 2021 Script Apart podcast, Neil Druckmann alluded to the prospect of The Last of Us Part 3. Alongside co-author Halley Gross, they gave a possible outline of a conceivable storyline for a sequel to Part 2. However, Druckmann maintained a level of secrecy about the storyline’s progress into the third installment of the series.

Despite the prevailing uncertainty, The Last of Us 3 seems to be on Druckmann’s radar, sparking frequent inquiries from journalists during interviews, including a recent session with Entertainment Weekly. As of now, no official announcement has been made regarding The Last of Us 3. The game’s existence remains linked to speculations and rumors.

In a recent interview with Jeffrey Pierce, the voice actor for Tommy Miller (Joel’s brother), an insider’s perspective unveils an unfortunate development. No script exists, suggesting that the project may still be in its early phases and could require a substantial amount of time before reaching fruition.

In an interview with Dexerto, Pierce revealed that, based on his understanding, “it is not a project that has been initiated in any way.” However, considering his position as a voice actor, it remains unclear whether he would be among the first to be informed about it.

The likelihood of The Last of Us 3 is still uncertain, and while there’s optimism and speculation about its development, no official confirmation has been provided. Naughty Dog is currently concentrating on completing The Last of Us multiplayer spin-off, and there are indications of ongoing work on additional projects, which are elaborated upon below. Nevertheless, given the historical development timelines for the two previously released chapters, extended deadlines are a customary aspect of Naughty Dog’s processes

Considering the absence of a clearly defined story idea and concurrent involvement in multiple projects, it’s improbable that the entire team will swiftly transition to developing a sequel. It appears that Naughty Dog intends to allow some breathing room for the franchise. Nonetheless, The Last of Us 3 remains a potential venture. We offer our perspective on what this prospective endeavor might involve.

What is speculated The Last of Us 3 release date?

Amidst swirling rumors regarding the potential development of The Last of Us Part 3, no official confirmation has emerged. Even if the game were to materialize, its release is expected to be distant. Naughty Dog is currently engrossed in developing other titles (details below), and expanding the narrative beyond Part 2 presents notable challenges.

Neil Druckmann acknowledged last year that establishing the emotional core of Part 2’s story was more demanding than the original, considering players’ experiences and prior knowledge. Crafting a narrative that is both emotionally resonant and innovative for The Last of Us 3 would prove to be an even more intricate task.

The seven-year gap between the release of The Last of Us Part 1 in 2013 and The Last of Us: Part II in 2020, along with intervals such as the Remastered version for PS4, underscores the expectation of a prolonged timeframe. Considering the seven-year timeline between the original Last of Us and Part II, a similar duration is envisioned for a potential third installment. Speculation points toward a release in 2026 at the earliest. Patience is essential, but engaging in speculative discussions remains an enjoyable aspect of the anticipation.

The Last of Us 3 story rumors

The Last of Us Part 2 provided a sense of narrative closure, but lingering storylines open up potential avenues for exploration in a sequel. The focus could center around Ellie Williams, the protagonist from the first two games, as she navigates life after bidding farewell to Joel Miller. Ellie’s quest for revenge resulted in profound losses, and Part 3 could delve into her journey of rediscovery and finding a renewed sense of purpose.

Another potential narrative thread could shift to Abby, the perceived antagonist of Part 2. Her unique perspective, revealed in the latter half of the game, opens doors to exploring the aftermath of her intense encounter with Ellie. The survival of the Catalina Island Firefly colony, where Abby and Lev sought refuge, could serve as a compelling backdrop for an engaging storyline.

Leaked information suggests that The Last of Us 3 might introduce a new group of survivors named “Lucas, Mason, Val, Ezra, and Gracie.” While details are scarce, the potential plot hints at a post-apocalyptic setting on the outskirts of an American city, adding an element of mystery to the narrative.

Despite the possibility of new characters taking the spotlight, it appears unlikely that Naughty Dog would exclude Ellie Williams from The Last of Us Part 3. With Ashley Johnson’s portrayal of Ellie gaining iconic status, leaks suggest Ellie’s pivotal role, assuring fans that the beloved character would remain integral to the series.

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