The best mobile apps to use in 2023 


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No matter what you want to do on your mobile phone, there will be a mobile application to help you get it done. And although when apps first started coming out, developers tended to have a preference for the different platforms. You can now likely see every app (unless from the manufacturer themselves) will be released across all platforms. 

With thousands of new mobile apps added to the stores every day – what are the best apps for you to check out this year? 

Saving App

If you want to take charge of your finances, then one of the best apps you can use is one that offers a budget. If you have never budgeted before, you might be surprised that they can be quite tricky- and you might not notice how much you truly spend and where. Mint is a free app that is dedicated to helping you save. 

Mint has a budget tracker showing you what you have going out and coming in (credit cards, bills, investments, and cash accounts). So you have a total overview of your cash. 

You can set up a budget goal, too – and Mint can help you stay on track. 

Water App

Almost no one drinks enough water – and that impacts us mentally and physically – so what are you supposed to do? Well, check out the Waterllama app! Making sure you drink enough water every day should be something that is easy, but actually, it isn’t. 

A water reminder app might seem like a bit too much – but if you think about how you react to the rest of the notifications on your phone (check them and take action), this works the same way. 

You can set your own water goal on Waterllama, and then every time it gives you a reminder – make sure you take a drink. Simple and effective. 


If you are looking for a little bit of peace in a busy world, then Calm could be just the ticket. Calm offers movement, morning mindfulness, sleep stories (and ones for kids), guided meditation, and more. The free version is limited, but it has a yearly subscription that unlocks all of the content. 

You can set up reminders to give you some peace in the day or just use the sleep stories – how you use the app is up to you. 

You will find Harry Style, Idris Elba, Kate Winslet, and Matthew McConaughey – just to mention a few, with more added every few weeks. 


Playing games on a mobile phone is one of the most common forms of entertainment. Online casino gaming on the Virgin Games app is easy to use – and has plenty of games to choose from. 

You’ll find poker tournaments, slots, and popular games like Rainbow Riches. Not to mention it comes with some app-only bonuses. The best thing about gaming apps is that they are ready when you are, and a quick gaming session is only an ‘unlock phone’ away.


Do you find that your day regularly gets away from you, and by the end of it, you haven’t got everything done that you wanted to? Well, Structured is a highly-rated app to help you with your productivity. 

Everything you need to achieve is in a single list. Great, but Structured sends notifications ahead of the time you need to switch tasks – keeping you on time. 

It integrates with your calendar, so you won’t have to manually add everything unless you want. 


The app is only available outside of the EU, but it is a one-stop-shop for unsubscribing you from spam and keeping your emails neat and tidy. Often we sign up for lots of newsletters and hand over our emails for small discounts – and then we are inundated with spam. 

If you like to go with an inbox zero approach and find that all of these undesired emails are hindering your progress can help.  

It works with Outlook, iCloud, and Gmail – as well as a range of other providers. 

Content Creation

If you are a content creator, a freelance social media manager, or anyone who enjoys creating graphics on the go, then the Canva app is the one for you. They have recently released a whole range of great features.

The mobile app is packed with templates and options – and if you have a paid account, you can create brand assets, making everything faster. 

The website is better than the app, BUT if you want to be able to work on the go, this is the perfect solution. 

Mobile Photography

VSCO changed the landscape of taking and sharing photos on a mobile phone – they instantly added a cool retro look to the photos – as well as having a range of other stylized options. The free version has some good options, but the paid option offers a lot more. You create almost any type of atmosphere and look you want. 

The real value comes from the VSCO community, too – they share tips and tricks to make the most of the app.

Make sure that you curate the apps you have on your mobile phone – so you are never spending more time on it than you really need to, and the time you do spend is of value to you.

Audrey Throne
Audrey Throne
Audrey Throne has an ongoing affair with the words that capture readers’ attention. Her passion for writing dates back to her pre-blogging days. She loves to share her thoughts related to business, technology, health and fashion.


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