10 Tech Majors That Will Not Make You Scream from Boredom


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You might be thinking that a tech major equals mindlessly writing hundreds of lines of cotde, working with huge datasets, and applying high-level mathematics. But while that can be true, not all tech majors are created the same!

On the one hand, you have majors in fields like data science and statistics. If you’re not a fan of mathematics, choosing it would mean condemning yourself to boring classes and even more boring assignments.

On the other hand, you have the following 10 tech majors that can be engaging, fascinating, and thought-provoking – provided they match your interests, of course.

If that sounds about right, then you should consider going into cybersecurity. But be warned: it won’t mean you’ll be destined to become a black-hat hacker after it. Instead, you’ll be able to build a career in protecting sensitive data against such hackers, using tools like multifactor authentication. And it’s a lucrative opportunity!

  1. Game Design & Development

Are you a gamer yourself? Can you easily break down what makes one game outstandingly great and another one awful? Do you sometimes think, “It’d be awesome to make this or that game”?

If you got three “yes,” then the game design may be your cup of tea. If you choose to major in this field, here’s what you’ll learn throughout your studies:

  • Psychology of gaming;
  • Game mechanics;
  • Game balancing;
  • Game design and development tools;
  • Scripting.
  1. Computational Media

Do you dream of a career in the special effects industry? Or, perhaps, you’ve always been fascinated with technology-powered arts and design?

If this sounds interesting to you, consider this still-somewhat-novel major. (That is to say, you might not be able to find it at every tech college and university.) Here’s what it typically includes in its curriculum:

  • Computational basics;
  • Digital media;
  • Software design;
  • Digital arts;
  • Media theory.
  1. Computational and Neural Systems

Also known as Computation & Cognition, this program explores a compelling topic: how to replicate biological systems’ properties with software systems. In other words, you’ll be learning how to develop:

  • Artificial intelligence;
  • Neural networks;
  • Computer vision.

The curriculum is an exciting mix of biological, engineering, and computer science disciplines. Here are just some courses you can expect to study if you opt for this major:

  • Molecular and cell biology;
  • Programming;
  • Neuroscience;
  • Machine learning.
  1. Cybersecurity

Are you a fan of TV shows like Mr. Robot and Silicon Valley? Have you ever wanted to boast the same set of skills as their protagonists?

If that sounds about right, then you should consider going into cybersecurity. But be warned: it won’t mean you’ll be destined to become a black-hat hacker after it. Instead, you’ll be able to build a career in protecting sensitive data against such hackers. And it’s a lucrative opportunity!

Here’s what you’ll be studying if you choose to declare cybersecurity as your major:

  • Cryptography and encryption;
  • Networking and system administration;
  • Digital forensics;
  • Penetration testing.
  1. Music Technology

Do you have a soft spot for music in your life? Have you tried creating your own dubstep, EDM, or techno tracks on your computer, perhaps? Would you love to turn it into an actual career – or just explore this field further?

If that’s spot on, then here’s another novel major that could be the ideal match for you – Music Technology. It explores how music and technology can be and already are intertwined. Here are just some examples of the courses it can include:

  • Music recording & mixing;
  • Audio technology;
  • Electrical and computer engineering;
  • Mechanical engineering.
  1. Bioinformatics

The tech industry isn’t just about developing mobile apps, websites, and games. It also creates tools that help scientists in multiple domains conduct their research more efficiently. Biology is one of such domains.

So, if you’ve always enjoyed biology classes, this major can be the right fit for you. Its curriculum is designed to teach you how to develop and work with software that’ll power research in such fields as genetics, new pharmaceuticals, disease treatment, and more.

It combines courses in multiple domains:

  • Computer science;
  • Biology;
  • Chemistry;
  • Physics;
  • Math.
  1. Computational Chemistry

This is another major that will secure you a career at the intersection of research and technology – but this time, in the field of chemistry. By the end of your studies, you’ll be able to:

  • Create and run simulations of reactions and experiments that are impractical to execute in a lab;
  • Develop models of molecules and compounds’ behaviors;
  • Design new drugs, compounds, and materials.

This program combines courses in the fields of chemistry and computer science, such as:

  • Inorganic and organic chemistry;
  • Biochemistry;
  • Database development and management;
  • Computer programming.
  1. Robotics Engineering

Are you fascinated by the present and the future of robotics? Would you love to create machines that’ll help humans in their work and leisure? Do you dream of designing humanoid robots, perhaps?

If that’s your cup of tea, the robotics industry is waiting for you – and this major is your ticket into it. Here’s what it typically covers in its curriculum:

  • Robotic systems and autonomous machines;
  • Interfacing robotics with other systems;
  • Calculus;
  • Physics;
  • System design.
  1. Electrical Engineering

Another engineering major on this list, this one is a lot broader than Robotics Engineering. It’ll teach you how to develop components and entire systems for devices. These devices can be designed and used for the telecommunications, fiber optics, and electrical machinery industries, to name a few.

Here are just some disciplines that can end up on your curriculum if you declare this major:

  • Electromagnetics;
  • Programming in Java;
  • Engineering probability;
  • Semiconductor devices;
  • Signal and information processing.
  1. Computer Science

Alright, this might not be the most exciting, one-of-a-kind major on this list like the ones above. And yes, full disclosure: for some, it might turn out to be boring after all.

But there is one huge advantage of studying computer science that secured it a spot on this list. This is a vast field of knowledge, making the major itself as flexible as it could ever be.

You’ll be able to explore all of this domain’s facets, try your skills in multiple roles and niches, and pinpoint which of them suits you the best. You’ll also pick up some tips and tricks in all of the computer science along the way. Here are just some of the fields you can try your luck in:

  • Web development;
  • Extended reality;
  • Application development;
  • Data visualization;
  • Neural networks.

In Conclusion

So, here they are – 10 fascinating tech majors that won’t ever put you in a state of ennui. That is, of course, if you make the right choice. But how do you do that, exactly?

Here’s your mini-guide on choosing the right major, tech or otherwise:

  • Take your time. You don’t have to make up your mind before the end of your freshman year. So, unless you’re 100% certain about what you want, take this time to explore various fields. Sit in on some classes, go to information meetings, and talk to the teaching staff and current students!
  • Have a plan. Some students realize by the end of that year that they still have no idea what major to declare. To avoid that, come up with a plan regarding what you’ll do to try different specializations and when you’ll do it – and stick to it.
  • Be honest with yourself. Don’t pay any mind to what others might say about your choice. Don’t think too much about how prestigious or high-paying your career will be, either. Instead, ask yourself: “Does this field drive me? Is it interesting? Is it compelling? Do I enjoy learning?”
Komal Singla
Komal Singla
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