Tattoo parlours: A surprisingly great small-business idea in 2021


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Over the past few decades, multiple businesses rose to the heights of success and then ceased to exist. However, tattoo shops everywhere including in Evansville Indiana have remained on the list of lucrative businesses consistently.  

Moreover, celebrity tattoo artists have gained fame through television media and reality TV shows, making the business even more profitable. Now, you will find top tattoo shops in every corner of Evansville Indiana.

The Current Statistics

If we talk about the present-day statistics, then there are almost 21,000 plus tattoo shops running in the United States. Research reveals that a new tattoo shop is opened every day across America, and the tattoo industry overall generates a revenue of more than $2.3 billion per annum.

The customer demand for tattoos has remained pretty much consistent over the past many decades. Hence, it is not surprising to see those new tattoo artists and businessmen are actively investing in this area.

However, starting a tattoo shop or business is no easy feat. There are multiple other things that you must set in place in addition to the capital and creativity.

How to start a tattoo business?

You do not need a degree in arts to become a tattoo shop owner, simple raw talent can go a long way. All you need is good business skills.

Successful tattoo business is established on several factors. Yes, talent and creativity are the core foundation frontiers, but you can never do this as a one-person enterprise.

It is ideal to operate as a CEO and hire the best people to run your business for you. This way you will be transferring your responsibilities into credible hands and will have a bird’s eye view of all the operations.

If you are wondering how to start your business by opening a tattoo shop, or what are the steps that you need to take, then it is vital you first acquaint yourself with the ongoing trends in the industry. In this case, you must study the trends in the art industry.

For instance, if you are someone, who has had no previous experience or training in the field, you must sign a partnership with the local artists in town. This way you can see the business side of things while the artist can handle the creative side.

The Investment

Whenever starting a business venture, never opt for shortcuts when it comes to making the initial investment. It is not the tools or equipment that bring out the creativity of the artist, but even the best and the most experienced tattoo artists cannot do their job without proper equipment.

Make sure you buy state-of-the-art equipment and tools for your tattoo shop. Keep the largest chunk of your capital just for buying high-quality tools.

Since tattoo shops must offer high levels of sanitization, you should never compromise on buying things that are hygienic to use. Invest in an autoclave machine, and buy tools that are disposable. If a client gets infected after visiting your shop, you will be facing a major lawsuit.

Hence, protect yourself and your customers from the get-go. 

The Importance of Licensing

The reality is that even if you have the biggest investment resource at your disposal, you cannot run a tattoo shop without a reliable full-time tattoo artist. Prior to starting this business venture, you will need to obtain the necessary licensing. To get that licensing, you need a certain level of training and expertise.

According to experts, the best approach is to complete an apprenticeship of a minimum of three years and then take a step towards starting your business.

These apprenticeships can benefit you in the long-run. Firstly, you will get the opportunity to work under top tattoo artists who have been in the field for many years. Secondly, you will get a chance to learn the use of the latest equipment and machinery. Lastly, you will learn all the protocols you must follow to run a safe tattoo shop.

The Legal Requirements

Some states in the USA have a legal requirement for you to complete the necessary years as an apprentice before you can obtain the license for operating a tattoo business.

The Body Art Procedures Act for New Jersey states that an individual needs to successfully complete 2,000 hours of apprenticeship and training before he/she can qualify to start a tattoo shop.

On the other hand, in Oregano, a person only needs to complete 360 hours of training and complete fifty tattoos before he/she can set up his own private practice.

There are certain states which will require you to sit in a written examination as well before you can set up your own practice. This exam is important to pass for you to get the Bloodborne Pathogens certificate and license.

Marketing & Advertising is important

When all the legal requirements, financing, and the initial set is complete, you need to think along the lines of effective marketing and advertising of your business.

Although once your clientele is built, their word of mouth can travel across cities, but you need a strong social media presence. More than 88 percent of people use their smartphones and social media accounts to search for businesses around. Use this fact to your advantage.

It is equally important to build your own website that is customized to run on cell phones. List all of your services, charges, and business location on the main page. Also, offer the feature of online bookings.

One thing you can do to uplift your website is by posting your portfolio. Rather than choosing a gaudy web template, display your own artwork. In the end, link all your social media pages to your website.

Another great way to market your business these days is through listing your company on various business directories online. This will help you generate maximum web traffic and target the local audience.

All in all, the tattoo business is indeed a lucrative market, however, you cannot set it up without completing a certain set of pre-requisites.

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