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T-Mobile 5G “Home Internet” Keeps Dropping Frequently! Here’s a Temporary Solution!

T-Mobile is considered to be one of the largest service providers of wireless services in the US. It has more than 100 million subscribers under its belt having a major chunk of wireless subscriptions. Rated the best amongst its competitors of the likes of AT & T, Verizon, it proudly boasts the fastest 5G speeds for both downloads and uploads. This applies to its latest offering- T-Mobile’s 5G Home Internet service.

T-Mobile launched its unlimited 5G Home Internet service in April 2021 at a meagre offer price of $60/month. The affordable price with only one plan, one price, no data caps or contracts made it very lucrative for everyone.

However, the 5G Home Internet service is a new one and it’s not perfect too. Every time we have seen that launch of cutting edge technology has teething issues and T-Mobile’s home internet service is also facing few grumbling ones.

The high-speed connection from T-Mobile is receiving many complaints. The users are lamenting of slow 5G Home Internet, frequent drops of internet connection, fluctuation in internet speeds, loss of HD streaming let alone 4K, overheating of Nokia modem to name a few.

T-Mobile 5G "Home Internet" Keeps Dropping Frequently! Here's a Temporary Solution!
Courtesy: T-Mobile Community Forum

The most common complaint is that T-Mobile 5G home internet gateway drops the network frequently. In other words, Wifi disconnects and anything plugged in via ethernet says “no network found“. Subscribers have tried to fix the issue by themselves by turning off the Power button on the gateway, wait for few minutes and turn it back on. But this doesn’t prevent it from happening again. The firmware update has also not given respite. This gets more frustrating when one is in the middle of important discussions, keeping in mind the work from home scenario nowadays.

Subscribers are all the more worried because the app shows that they are connected to the internet but practically such is not the case. Internet is very unreliable and also frustrating when one has to manually reload several of the devices that get kicked off from the internet. 

Subscribers have logged complaints with T-Mobile and some have reported that they have received a replacement SIMS as the “original” SIMS had issues. But the response is not uniform enough with the T-Mobile troubleshooting tech support team has not been very supportive either.

One of the affected subscribers has pointed out the root cause behind all the internet related issues is the overheating of the modem. Offloading the Wi-Fi to a separate router, avoiding 5g speeds, minimizing the number of supported devices and concurrent usage may be symptoms of thermal issues.

Till the time T-Mobile doesn’t fix up, there are a couple of possible alternate workarounds. They include a reboot of the modem frequently, keeping the gateway at a relatively cool and ventilated place so that thermal issues can be minimized.

If you can’t get any help from T-Mobile’s support staff, you can register a complaint to the FCC. Follow the FCC link! The other way out in the absence of T-Mobile’s support, one can think of switching to other internet options.

Share with us how you have handled the T-Mobile 5G Home internet issues!

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