New STRANGER THINGS Leaks suggest a Dead By Daylight return with new content!


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The Stranger Things chapter in Dead by Daylight return is closer than anyone thinks. According to Stranger Things leaks DBD data miners have found that the Hawkins Laboratory map has been QA-tested and re-enabled. In the event that the Hawkins Laboratory map is brought back, it’s anticipated that The Demogorgon will be reinstated as the killer, and survivors Steve Harrington and Nancy Wheeler, along with their distinctive cosmetics like Steve’s Scoops Ahoy outfit, will also make a comeback.

The collab initially took place in 2019, introducing treasured characters such as Steve, Nancy, the ominous Demogorgon, and the iconic Hawkins Laboratory map into the world of the Behavior Interactive game. Stranger Things Leaks hints at a potential return of the content, thereby generating a great deal of excitement among fans of both Dead by Daylight and the Stranger Things series.

The collaboration between the immensely popular Netflix series, Stranger Things, and the Dead by Daylight game marked a pivotal moment for the game’s evolution. It broadened the game’s scope beyond its roots in 80s slasher films, venturing into the realms of video games, manga, and movies.

Stranger Things, set in the 1980s in the fictitious town of Hawkins, Indiana, is deeply entwined with the enigmatic disappearance of a child named Will and the sudden appearance of Eleven, a girl endowed with telekinetic powers, who manages to escape from the clandestine Hawkins National Laboratory. The series’ narrative intricately weaves together elements of the “Underworld,” a shadowy parallel dimension inhabited by grotesque creatures, notably the menacing Demogorgon.

However, do keep in mind that DBD and Stranger Things Leaks regarding video games and their updates are not official. They can change, so it’s essential to stay informed by following official announcements from the game developers for the latest details.

Is there a new Stranger Things content coming to Dead By Daylight?

It was in June 2022, that a Vecna model leak had emerged but turned out to be false. A few days later, in July 2023, a video showcasing a new map in development was leaked and rumored to be a new variation of Hawkins. It included the Rainbow Room from Season 4 of Stranger Things. Initially, there were doubts about the video’s authenticity, but it was later confirmed as a legitimate leak, sourced from the same person who had previously leaked content such as the Resident Evil Chapter 2, Knight, Roots of Dread, and more.

The video also showcased a reworked Basement, a feature that didn’t make its way into the game until several months after the leak. This development provided strong evidence that DBD Chapter 2 was in progress. While no specific characters were confirmed in the leak, it suggested that Vecna might be the potential Killer for this new chapter.

It’s important to note that the map was in the very early stages of development, and there is a possibility it might have been scrapped since then. Around the time of the leak, the return of Stranger Things content to Dead by Daylight seemed almost improbable.

But with the news surfacing again, the Rainbow Room leak turned out to be not to be fake. With Hawkins Lab being reenabled and pushed through the QA build is evidence of solidifying the leak.

Please remember to give proper credit to Masusder for sharing this information, and it’s always a good idea to keep an eye out for official announcements from the game developers for more details on what fans can expect in these exciting collaborations.

When will a potential collab between Stranger Things and Dead By Daylight happen?

While there are strong indications pointing to the potential return of Stranger Things content in Dead by Daylight, it’s essential to keep in mind that nothing has been officially confirmed, and there’s no official release date available at this time.

The upcoming Public Test Build (PTB) on November 8th hints at the possibility of an update, but fans will need to await official announcements from the game developers to get more details on this potential collaboration. In the meantime, staying informed and eagerly anticipating what’s to come in the world of Dead by Daylight and Stranger Things is the way to go.

With the upcoming DBD new chapter and Stranger Things on the horizon, it does seem like an exciting convergence of events. While these hints and leaks suggest the potential return of Stranger Things content to Dead by Daylight, it’s essential to approach this information with a healthy dose of skepticism, as nothing has been officially confirmed yet. STRANGER THINGS Leaks are largely theories and speculations, but they certainly raise hopes among fans that the Stranger Things collaboration might be making a comeback in the game. It’s always best to await official announcements for concrete information and confirmation.

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