SOLANA VS HUH TOKEN: Where to hedge your $1000


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Solana & HUH Token, two names that have emerged from the wilderness and come to the attention of crypto chasers across the globe. Unlike HUH Token, Solana is by no means the new kid on the block. Instead, having birthed its existence back in 2017 they are liable to be seen as the Jamie Vardy of the crypto world after spending the first four years of their formation on the lower rungs of the CoinMarketCap, being practically anonymous to crypto hunters.

The same fate the Leicester city player experienced in the early days of his career whilst playing for Fleetwood Town in the Conference League, the lower rungs of the national football league before rising to ascension. Those of you who pay a keen eye to the rise and fall of cryptocurrencies and the formation of new cryptocurrencies coming to the open market would do well to look at these two cryptos, Solana & HUH Token.

Solana’s Climb

Anatoly Yakovenko, the founder and CEO of Solana created the cryptocurrency with the claim that it was the world’s fastest blockchain. Their white paper stated the network could theoretically process 710,000 transactions per second (TPS) using a 1 gigabit per second network connection.

A feat faster than its competitors at the time. It boasts of an advanced technology fully equipped to handle a very high transaction capacity. At the time of writing, the official figures as per the project’s website for the average transaction fee stands at $0.00025. It is much more moderate than the average Ethereum transaction cost.

Having the ability to do such things with their crypto has enabled them to build a lot of support behind their project and see the number of investments shoot through the roof and now sit sixth on the CoinMarketCap with a market cap value of $63.9B. Incredible considering that only four months ago the market cap sat at a lowly $6.67B. A growth of over 957%.

On the 19th of July, share prices were at a low of $24.45 per share. Not a lot considering the price of some small cryptocurrencies on the market and if you take into consideration where the numbers currently sit. If you were to have invested $1000 of your money back in July and sold them the same shares today, you’d be looking at an incredible amount of profit in your wallet.

Simple mathematics would show you that an investment of $1000 would have bought you just over 40 coins. It doesn’t sound like a huge amount but if you were to sell 40 Solana coins today, you’d be looking at approximately $8687. A profit of $7687.

HUH Token’s Potential Profits

HUH token is extremely new. It is yet to be launched on the open market, but an announcement is due this Thursday with information on the release of their cryptocurrency.

HUH Token draws similarities with Solana in the sense that it has its own unique selling points much like Solana, but the project does differ. An innovative idea has been formulated by HUH Token team which allows its investors to trade and earn through two streams of revenue. BNB (Binance) and Token.

HUH crypto is the first of its kind to run such a scheme and by the information found on the world wide web, it is a notion that the public seems to be taking notice of. It was only last week that their systems crashed due to an overload of sign-ups on their servers. Another winning tactic the team have been pressing ahead with is their referral system.

This is a system that was curated to allow its users to earn BNB simply by referring others. Offering 10% BNB to an investor once they refer ‘a friend’ and have said ‘friend’ make their first purchase. Prospects at the start of a project can be a bit jaded, but close inspection of the HUH Token shows that it has everything going for them and they could be a safe place to hedge your bets if you’re looking for a safe place to invest and see your capital gain.

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