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Shaman King 2021 debuts on 9th August on Netflix, Trailer, Cast, and Complete Reboot

Childhood ends, but its memories never. Anime is an important part of such memories. I will talk here about one of such anime which had ruled the heart of every kid. Yes, you guessed it right, it’s Shaman King 2021. After a long hiatus of almost 20 years, the famous supernatural series is back. Shaman King 2021 is a remake version of the classic shonen anime series which had fans glued from 2001 to 2002.

All the details are covered ranging from Where to watch Shaman King 2021, its premiere date on Netflix, trailer, plot, and all the latest news you should not miss out about your favorite anime. Shaman King anime was originally telecasted between the years of 1998 to 2004. The Japanese series was written and directed by Hiroyuki Takei.

Shaman King 2021 Netflix release date

The Shaman King 2021 opening had taken place on 1st April 2021 in Japan on Japanese broadcasting networks like TV Tokyo, TV Osaka, TV Aichi, TSC, TVQ, and BS TV Tokyo. The adventure cum supernatural anime series will last until 18 March 2022.

The manga has been scripted in a whopping 52 episodes series. The first 12 episodes will premiere on 1st April and run until 17th June. Check out the dates for the Japan broadcast.

  • Shaman King episode 1: Thursday, April 1st
  • Shaman King episode 2: Thursday, April 8th
  • Shaman King episode 3: Thursday, April 15th
  • Shaman King episode 4: Thursday, April 22nd
  • Shaman King episode 5: Thursday, April 29th
  • Shaman King episode 6: Thursday, May 6th
  • Shaman King episode 7: Thursday, May 13th
  • Shaman King episode 8: Thursday, May 20th
  • Shaman King episode 9: Thursday, May 27th
  • Shaman King episode 10: Thursday, June 3rd
  • Shaman King episode 11: Thursday, June 10th
  • Shaman King episode 12: Thursday, June 17th

With a rating of 7.9/10 on IMDb and 7.2/10 on MyAnimeList, anime fans can add it to their must-watch list of 2021.

Seeing the popularity of the Shaman King, Netflix has acquired the right to stream it. Shaman fans will get the full story in anime form covering the reboot of Yoh Asakura’s adventures. The series is expected to come with nearly 52 episodes further divided logically into 2-4 parts. It will follow a pattern similar to Pokemon Journeys.

On 10th June, Netflix formally unveiled the premiere date of anime from Hiroyuki Takei’s Shaman King manga. It happened during the Geeked Week live stream event. Announcing Shaman King release date to happen on 9th August, Netflix also released an English-subtitled trailer.

Shaman King 2021 Trailer

Netflix released Shaman King 2021 trailer on its YouTube channel on March 3, 2021. Characters of famous anime like Yoh, Anna, Tao Ren, and the rest were introduced in the trailer. Later on, a promotional video was released on the official Shaman King website showcasing the opening theme “Soul Salvation” by Megumi Hayashibara. The Ending theme song was “#Boku no Yubisaki” (My Fingertip). Check it out below:

There were two opening songs and two ending songs for the 2001 anime from her originally.

Shaman King 2021 plot and story so far

The synopsis of Shaman King reads

The Shaman King is the one who can contact the king of spirits and reshape the world. Every 500 years, shamans, who can commune between the worlds of the living and dead, compete in the Shaman Fight to become the next Shaman King. Among those aiming for the top is a young shaman named Yoh Asakura. See Yoh’s adventure unfold in the new adaptation of Hiroyuki Takei’s lauded manga, starting 2021 on Netflix.

The timeline of this manga series revolves around the adventures of protagonist Yoh Asakura. He uses his shaman skill to be the Shaman king. Here Shaman refers to a religious practice that is quite popular in Japanese culture.

Shaman King 2021 cast and voice actors

The major share for the success of the anime goes to the voice actors. They lent their adorable voice and brought life to the characters. Let us have a look at your favorite Shaman King 2021 voice actors:

  • Opacho – Hayashibara Megumi
  • Ching Tao –  Shibata Hidekatsu
  • Amidamaru – Konishi Katsuyuki
  • Chrysler – Miki SchiniChiro
  • Asakura Hao – Takayama Minami
  • Asakura Youmie – Aono Takeshi

Shaman King (Japanese: シャーマンキング) is the second installment of the anime adaptation of Hiroyuki Takei’s manga by the same name. The anime is produced under the banner of Fukashi Azuma, Naoki Sasada, and Takatoshi Chino. It is directed by Jouji Furuta and animation effects are given by studio Bridge.

Shaman King Watch online 2021

Shaman fans are excited to know where and when they can watch the series online. Whether the 52 episodes long series will be available on US popular platforms like Crunchyroll, Netflix, Hulu, Amazon Prime, or Funimation. Also, whether Shaman King episodes will be available in English Sub or Dub.

None of these platforms except for Netflix can legally stream the much-anticipated reboot of the ‘Shaman King’ anime.

Shaman King manga originally had 32 independent volumes. In the year 2017 Kodansha, a private-based company purchased the rights of the Shaman king. It relaunched the series with 35 Ebooks and released its print as well.

Since 2020 in Japan, the Shaman King manga has set a good record of 38 million copies in circulation with a good review from the Japanese people apart from japan the shaman king series is also popular in the north of America, the Kodansha USA purchased the English language license for manga series, and launched the English version of the series in the year 2020 in both digital, and  physical formats

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