Are Senior Alert Systems Worth The Cost?


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Seniors need to take extra precautions to ensure their safety and health. If you have a senior loved one who wishes to live independently, you will want to know they are safe. Senior alert systems offer an excellent alternative to nursing homes or assisted living facilities. The system may cost you money, but you will rest easy knowing that your elderly loved one is safe. The benefits of senior alert systems range from enhanced security to greater peace of mind. Here are the benefits of senior alert systems, proving that they are worth the cost.

  1. Protection when Falling. The first thing that comes to your mind when you hear about seniors’ medical alert systems is the chances of a severe fall. Seniors falling is not a cliché. Studies show that over 2.8 million injuries treated in emergency rooms involve older adults. With these statistics, you can tell that your elderly loved one is at risk of falling and getting hurt. One thing that can help reduce these statistics is to ensure that seniors get immediate help when they fall. If seniors live alone or are at home alone and fall, it can be disastrous. A senior alert system allows your elderly loved ones to push a button when they fall. This button triggers an emergency call to responders or caregivers. So, they will not suffer as if they have to wait for help.
  2. Independent. While senior alert systems are an excellent precaution for seniors’ health, they also offer emotional benefits. An older person needs care, and they may feel as though they are bothering you. They realize that they cannot operate daily life with the same independence they once did. This can frustrate and make them feel inferior. However, technological advancement has led to developing devices that can help seniors retain their independence. Medical alert systems protect seniors from several things that can go wrong when living alone.
  3. Advanced Features. Senior alert systems provide access to features that seniors have never had in the past. Besides a straightforward way to keep an emergency call ready, these devices also have location trackers, check-ins, and smoke detectors. An alert system with a GPS tracker is essential if your aged loved one has dementia or Alzheimer’s disease since they can get lost. Reminders are another essential feature that some alert systems have. This feature reminds seniors to take their medication and alerts them if they missed any medication. An emergency contact might be alerted if it is necessary.
  4. Easy to Use and handy. Medical alert systems are easy to use regardless of the one you choose. They involve simple tasks like pushing a button or pulling a string. The devices are also handy since they are accessible from anywhere at any time. This is why most senior alert systems are wearables like pendants or bracelets. The best thing is that they are not bulky, and the senior can benefit from a discreet design if they feel embarrassed about wearing one.
  5. Reliable. Most people worry about what would happen if the technology fails. What if the device breaks or the batteries die? However, these devices have seen several improvements since their invention. This means that they have extended warranties and backup power systems. Senior alert systems also do not require you to go to another room. Once you activate the system, you can speak to someone who will get you the help you need.
  6. Peace of mind for Loved ones. Knowing that you have implemented senior alert systems gives you peace of mind since you are assured of their safety. You can also access the system and receive messages through text or email when the front door opens, or other events take place. This assures you that your aged loved one is up and active.|
  7. Support in Assisted Living. If you need to move your aged loved one to an assisted facility, you will not make much difference since you will be as involved as you were while they were living in your home. The rooms in assisted living have buttons that enable residents to call staff members. However, if the senior falls, they will have to wait until someone comes. An alert system will sense the fall and alert an emergency response unit. So, it is worthwhile to have a senior alert system.

Now you know why senior alert systems are worth the cost. With several devices on the market, you may feel overwhelmed choosing the right one. So, please check out this guide to help you choose the best senior alert system.

Cody Rhodes
Cody Rhodes
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