Best Ways to Recycle Broken Cell Phones


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Our life depends on an 8 inches screen that updates us with the news, checks the weather for us, stores our data, click pictures, and many more things. We refer to this super 8 inches screen as the mobile phone. But, there is a concern with these mobile phones, every day a new and a better version arrives in the market, making the old models obsolete.

We grow tempted to buy these new versions of mobile phones, ending up with ageing mobile phones swinging around.

Also, sometimes due to lack of our attention, we end up damaging our phones. In a situation like this, we wonder what to do with old broken cell phones.

In this article, we introduce you to some of the methods to recycle broken cell phones, how to dispose of old broken cell phones and what to do with your old cell phones.

Recycle broken cell phones for cash

Mobile recycle can be a helpful solution to what to do with old phones in India. Cell phone bodies contain plastic. If we throw cell phones instead of recycling them we are indirectly giving birth to pollution. Recycle broken cell phones for cash can be another good alternative to what to do with old broken cell phones. There are many platforms available that can help you with mobile recycle.

One such platform is SellBroke. SellBroke will buy your old cell phone for cash and then reused their working parts and recycle the broken articles in the best possible manner. Recycling broken cell phones for cash at SellBroke is reliable, safe, eco-friendly, and extremely easy. Many a time, you must be wondering how to dispose of old broken cell phones, recycle broken cell phones at SellBroke will be a more reliable option.

Sell old phones

When I Think about what can I do with old broken cell phones, the first thing that comes to my mind is selling. There are plenty of buyers available in the market that can pay you for your old phones. You can even sell old phones at SellBroke to get a fair deal of your cell phone. SellBroke even buys broken phones for cash and what is better than selling things that are no longer serving you.

Mobile recycle for gifting and donating

Selling old phones can be a helpful option when your mobile has a good trade-in value but, if your cell phone doesn’t have much price, then you should go for donating your cell phones. Find someone who needs a cell phone but can’t afford it. Donating your old cell phone will serve a dual purpose. It will fulfil the needs of the person and also makes you feel good.

Use it as an alarm clock

Recycle broken cell phones into an alarm clock. You don’t always need to recycle broken cell phones for cash, you can also employ them into an alarm clock to keep a check on time. You can easily install an alarm clock app into your cell phone using Wi-Fi, place it where you find it suitable, and your alarm clock is ready.

Use as a television remote control

Recycle broken cell phones into television remote control. Usually, streaming devices come with their own remote control but their size is small and easy to lose. Instead of purchasing a brand-new remote, you can use your old cell phone. You can easily install the service app on your cell phone, log in to your account and your brand-new remote control is ready.

Use it as an e-book reader

Cell phone recycling for cash doesn’t prove beneficial to you if you can still recycle it as you want. Recycle a broken cell phone into an e-book reader. Why waste a lot of money purchasing a brand-new e-book reader when you can transform your old cell phone into one. Install any e-book reader app into your device and you are good to go.

Use it as a media player

Using your cell phone as a media player can be an excellent solution to what to do with old broken cell phones. Old cell phones can be a helpful alternative for listening, radio, podcast, news, and music. Connect your cell phone with a charging stand and  Bluetooth speaker, and your media player is ready to play.  You can also utilize an old mobile device as a video player.

Repurpose your old cell phones or your kids

Buying a brand-new phone for your kids can not be a desirable option but, you can give your old phones to your kids. You don’t require connectivity for the camera to run. Once the phone is protected, attach it to Wi-Fi and your kids can send photos, explore the internet, download an application, and play games.

Use mobile phones as security cameras

If your cell phone camera is in working condition, then cell phone recycling for cash will not be a good option. Using it as a security camera will be a valid answer to what to do with old broken cell phones. If you have an old broken phone that is no longer useful, turning it into a security camera can be very useful. Simply download a security camera app on your cell phone and place it where you find it suitable. You can use any other cell phone to log in and use it to observe the recordings captured by your old cell phone.

Final Thoughts

The next time when you will catch yourself thinking about what to do with old phones in India, you will have plenty of options available at your end. From selling to recycling, you have various options which will employ your old broken phones into something useful.

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