Octordle Answers Today, Octordle Daily Sequence Hints and Answers


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Word puzzles are fun until you are stuck on a particular word? Well, no worries! We have got you covered for Octordle today! We bring you Octordle answers today. Octordle really puts word-solving skills to the next level as you attempt to guess not just one, but eight different five-letter words using only thirteen guesses.

Once you are done with playing Octordle (which, you obviously will, thanks to these clues!), you can enjoy the additional mode called the Daily Sequence. In the Sequence Mode, one unsolved word is visible at a time. As you solve each word, the next board becomes unlocked.

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Octordle Hints Today #701 (December 26, 2023)

First Word

  • Starts with F.
  • The word has one vowel.
  • The time when there’s a lot of fog.

Second Word

  • Starts with C.
  • The word has one vowel.
  • Holding on tightly to something.

Third Word

  • Starts with S.
  • It has one vowel, appearing twice.
  • A hard and strong alloy of iron, that is also stainless at times.

Fourth Word

  • Starts with R.
  • It has one vowel, appearing twice.
  • A very spacious area.

Fifth Word

  • Starts with C.
  • It has two vowels.
  • A group of people sharing similar interests.

Sixth Word

  • Starts with S.
  • It has two vowels.
  • Refers to saying something.

Seventh Word

  • Starts with A.
  • It has two vowels.
  • Something that lacks color.

Eighth Word

  • Starts with B.
  • It has one vowel, appearing twice.
  • A rim that holds something like a photo frame or clock.

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Octordle Answers Today #495 (June 5, 2023)

Word 1: Foggy
Word 2: Cling
Word 3: Steel
Word 4: Roomy
Word 5: Coven
Word 6: Speak
Word 7: Ashen
Word 8: Bezel

Happy puzzle solving! Come back tomorrow at the same time and check out answers for Octordle daily.

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Abhinav Anand
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