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Quordle Answers Today, #459: See today’s hints and clues to find the answers for April 28

Quordle Answers Today, April 28, 2023: Hey there word wizards, are you ready for today’s Quordle challenge? It’s time to put your vocabulary to the test and guess the hidden five-letter word.

For those who are new to the game, Quordle is an online word game that has taken the world by storm. In the game, players are presented with a five-letter word and have six chances to guess it correctly. With each guess, the game provides clues to help narrow down the possibilities. So, without further ado, let’s dive into today’s Quordle challenge.

Quordle 459 Hints and Clues

  1. The letters T, S, A, and V mark the beginning of today’s words.
  2. Today’s words conclude with the letters E, K, R, and R.
  3. Word 1 hint – uninteresting and tedious due to being utilized or conveyed multiple times before.
  4. Word 2 hint – possessing a sleek and glossy surface or aspect.
  5. Word 3 hint – a tall table that serves as the focal point of a religious ceremony.
  6. Word 4 hint – an individual who casts a ballot or possesses a legal entitlement to vote.

Quordle Answers Today

Word 1- TRITE

Word 2- SLEEK

Word 3- ALTAR

Word 4- VOTER

Abhinav Anand
Abhinav Anand
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