What are Pressure Side Pool Cleaners and How Do They Function?


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Every properly constructed swimming pool has a water circulation system. This system helps to keep pool water healthy. But it also can propel an automatic pool cleaner which will help you keep your swimming pool clean without much effort from your side. There are two types of those pool cleaners – the suction-side pool cleaners and the pressure side pool cleaners.

When compared to suction-side and other pool cleaner types, pressure side pool cleaners use water from the return jets of the circulation system and offer their own set of advantages.

They’re extremely efficient when it comes to providing filtered and super clean water all over the outdoor pool. But if the pool pump does not provide enough water pressure the dedicated “booster” pump could be required.

Normally, every pressure side cleaner has a dirt receptacle that is mainly designed to catch and gather detritus. Because dirt and detritus will not be delivered to the pool filter setup and pump basket, the filtration mechanism of the pool will not be impacted.

Even if the receptacle is full, the pressure side cleaner will strive to operate and gather particles. The receptacle, meanwhile, would not gather quite as much grime as when it is empty.

In general, these incredible cleaners are excellent when it comes to keeping your pool ultra-clean and spotless. Nonetheless, there are numerous new versions available on the marketplace nowadays. It makes it tough for consumers to figure out which option is the most suitable for them.

Therefore, when choosing Pressure Side Pool Cleaners, we all want to get one that would make every cleaning chore easier. We’d like to spend less time cleaning our pool, right? To avoid any problems, we need to know which pressure side pool cleaners are the most dependable this year.

Top-Rated Pressure Side Pool Cleaners Picks in 2021

Polaris Vac-Sweep 360

This superior cleaning unit, known as the Vac-Sweep 360, is one of the most dependable and practical devices that work wonderfully in a variety of in-ground pools. It can even function without the use of a booster pump.

In terms of scrubbing the walls and floors of in-ground pools, this popular Polaris model is highly efficient and exceptional. It also has an ingenious filter container that keeps the filter secure. It’s no surprise that this unit lasts a long time!

Additional information:

  • 28 kg in weight
  • The feed hose is 9.5 meters long.

This model does not demand the use of a booster pump. You can, therefore, attach a booster pump if you would like; it is, however, optional. Furthermore, this cleaning device’s filter receptacle only has one chamber.

Polaris Vac-Sweep 3900 Sport

The Vac-Sweep 3900 sport is one of Polaris’ finest pressure side swimming pool cleaners. It offers 40 GPM of additional filtering through its dirt container. The vacuuming torque and power of the Vac-Sweep 3900 Sport are far greater than the majority of pressure side cleaners. It excels at lifting thick grime and a large amount of waste from a pool.

If you’re looking for a superb pool cleaner that can effectively eliminate undesired pool particles, this is undoubtedly a magnificent option. However, keep in mind that this only functions with a booster pump. It will have to be bought separately though.

Additional information:

  • 10.2 kilograms
  • The feed hose is 9.5 meters long.

Note that this item requires a booster pump, which is supplied separately. This cleaner comes with a twin-chamber filter bag.

Zodiac F5B Vac-Sweep 280 Black Max

If you have a square-shaped pool you may have difficulty cleaning the narrow spaces and difficult-to-clean surfaces. If you use the Zodiac Vac-Sweep 280, though, this isn’t an issue. This device excels in confined spaces and difficult-to-reach locations.

Cleaning those narrow locations by hand could be difficult. Thankfully, this model was developed to clean conventional swimming pools in just three hours each day.

Additional information:

  • 7.25 kilograms
  • The feed hose is 9.5 meters long.

To have this cleaning equipment functionally operate, you’ll have to acquire a booster pump. This cleaner comes with a single-chamber filter receptacle.

Zodiac 6-130-00T Turbo Turtle

The Turbo Turtle is indeed appropriate for a variety of above-ground swimming pools with a depth of up to 5 feet. This unit is surely an excellent alternative if you’re looking for a strong pressure side cleaner that rigorously vacuums and sweeps both edges of your pool in less than 3 hours.

This machine provides a unique strong jet of water that could really dislodge all of the thick grime found in difficult-to-clean locations. The jet effortlessly removes them all and transports them to the filter container.

Additional information:

  • 4.5 kg in weight
  • The feed hose is 7.4 meters long.

It’s important to note that it’s only compatible with above-ground pools.

Hayward TriVac 500

If you’re searching for a pressure side cleaner with augmented and strengthened cleaning intensity, the Hayward TriVac 500 is a fantastic choice. It cleans in-ground pools using high-powered water blasts that provide optimum suction intensity.

It includes an unusual backup sequence that allows the device to stay focused on rapidly scrubbing the pool. Patented AquaDrive Technology is a unique feature that uses hyper-strength water jets to propel the device forward and clean the pool efficiently.

This unit comes with an extra-huge and easy-to-operate detritus receptacle with an unusual float mechanism that enables the receptacle to keep more debris without having to empty it as often.

Additional information:

  • 10.4 kilograms
  • The feed hose is 10.4 meters long.

To make this pool cleaner operate, you’ll have to obtain a booster pump.

Pentair 360228 Kreepy Krauly Racer

I believe you already know what this pressure side cleaner’s major feature is based on its name. Yes, Pentair’s Kreepy Krauly Racer is a high-speed variant meant to clean your outdoor pool very rapidly and efficiently.

This equipment also includes some interesting properties, including LEDs, which provide additional clarity and illumination when cleaning at nighttime. This feature distinguishes this pressure side pool cleaner from the competition.

A front-rotating scrubber and a huge intake are also included. It has a little more cleaning intensity and efficiency than other Pentair units. It’s a high-efficiency and quick-cleaning pool-cleaning device that can help you with your pool-cleaning chores. It is also less expensive than some other variants.

Additional information:

  • 10 kg in weight

Note that this unit necessitates a booster pump, which is also obtainable separately. This device comes with a single-chamber filter container.

Select the Ideal Pressure Side Pool Cleaner for Your Cleaning Necessities

There are numerous varieties of pressure side cleaners which makes it difficult to choose the greatest option. If you really want a more in-depth look at the top-rated pressure side pool cleaners on the marketplace, continue reading this.

In addition to the right pool cleaner, you’ll have to get a pump to keep the water moving through the filtration system at its best. A variable speed pump, without a doubt, is the greatest way to give your beloved pool the most unequalled “heart” attainable.

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