The Most Popular Table Games for Casual Mobile Gamers


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Don’t have the time to get all your friends and family together to play your favorite card games? Today’s mobile apps on Android and iOS make it possible to enjoy classic table games with loved ones online or against the highly intelligent artificial intelligence (AI) built within the latest apps. Below, we’ve recommended five of the leading table games that are available to enjoy on smartphone and tablet devices.


Chess remains one of the most popular strategy table games in popular culture. Requiring substantial logic to plan moves for your chess pieces in advance, it’s one of the most competitive ways to keep your mind sharp. Although the version that we see today dates back as far as the 1400s, millions of current generations still enjoy a game of chess.

In fact, the benefit of modern technologies like artificial intelligence (AI) has made mobile chess games hugely popular. The leading chess apps make it possible for players to engage in a battle against another human online or offline against the AI-driven computer player. It’s been 25 years since a bunch of computer scientists developed ‘Deep Blue’ to outperform and defeat world-renowned ‘Chessmaster’ Garry Kasparov sparking a revolution in the game. Now, you can often tweak the difficulty settings depending on your skill level.


Roulette is one of the oldest table games, which is said to have been influenced by the French game Biribi. Named after the French word for ‘little wheel’, players must try and predict the numbered pocket that the ball lands on next. Its simplistic gameplay and rules make it easy for casual gamers to pick up and play from the word go. Intuitive user interfaces are designed to make it straightforward for players to make their selections and spin at their convenience.

Thanks to the advent of fibre and 4G or 5G connectivity, live streamed versions in real-life studios are also available in online roulette game libraries. These tables are designed to deliver broadcasts to your mobile screens in high-definition quality streams, taking you closer to the action than ever before. Many of which have multiple camera angles to enable you to watch each spin your way.


Backgammon is another timeless table game classic, dating back to the 1600s in Britain, having descended from another version via the Irish Sea in the 15th century. This two-player game involves dice and counters. The counters move along any of the 24 points of the table depending on the score a player rolls with the dice. The aim is to become the first player to ‘bear off’ i.e. remove all 15 of their counters from the board.

There are plenty of backgammon mobile apps that allow you to play online against another human player or offline against AI-based opponents. Some backgammon apps, like Backgammon Mighty, also run a leaderboard which makes it easy to keep a running tally of wins and losses against friends or family.


Bridge, also known as contract bridge, is a very popular game with the older generation. This four-play card game is known as a ‘trick-taking’ game. A trick occurs when each player takes turns to play one of the cards from their hand into the ‘community’ area of the game board. Tricks are often won by the highest suit or by playing a ‘trump’ card. In a game like bridge, the key is to capture as many tricks as you can.

Some of the leading bridge apps for casual mobile gamers have had well over a million downloads in Google Play. Bridge V+ has recently had a 2022 makeover for Android newbies, including three game formats and the ability to review past hands to hone your strategy. The app also runs regular bridge tournaments and players can also set up private bridge clubs within the app. It’s a handy substitute to playing face-to-face in a bridge club.


Cribbage, which is a 17th-century derivative of the card game known as ‘Noddy’, is a point-scoring game that’s commonly known as ‘Britain’s national card game’. It’s the only non-casino card game that can be played for modest stakes in pubs and bars without the need for permission from local authorities. It can be played head-to-head or as a four-player game with two teams of two players.

If you’re an experienced cribbage player and you want a mobile version that’s easy on the eye, be sure to check out Ultimate Cribbage with its arcade-style visuals. This app contains a host of cribbage variants including Shotgun and Muggins. It also gamifies your experience, allowing you to level up your account when winning certain achievements.

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