How Does Pandemic Change the Working Mode for Business?


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The Coronavirus has undoubtedly propelled the business world into the future that was once a lofty dream. Today, businesses are adopting technological solutions that enable them to restructure the business and digitize the work processes.

The unprecedented times have made everyone, especially the business world to rethink what matters and build a system that can work irrespective of the location of the team members. There is a paradigm shift in the way people think about work, the workplace, and the workforce.

The Workforce in a Disrupted Business World

According to reports, about 80% of the global workforce is impacted by the Coronavirus. At the beginning of the pandemic, many organizations immediately transited to remote and virtual work. These are organizations that already embraced the technological solutions that make remote work possible.

As the effects of the crisis rapidly unveil, many businesses had to adopt these technologies. It is more about adapt or die. Smart businesses understand the importance of adapting to keep afloat and maintain business operations. Unfortunately, many businesses that were slow in adapting have closed shops today.

Undoubtedly, the pandemic has changed the working mode for a business. It is no longer about the place where the work is being carried out. It is more about the results that are being generated by the workforce. Thanks to technological solutions businesses can work remotely and achieve better results than before.

How Digital Signature is changing the Workplace

Before looking at how this technology is changing the workplace, it is first important to look at what it. Digital Signature, such as Signature Generator is a technological solution that allows anyone to sign a document digitally. It means you can create a document and upload it to the Signature Generator platform.

The e-sign tool is available on the site and you can append your signature on the document. The best part is that you can share the link to the document with other stakeholders to sign on the same document. This is why this tool has been reputed for making workflow seamless and efficient. Check to create an email signature.

You do not have to physically gather with stakeholders to sign a contract or any documents. Everyone can append their signatures on the document digitally and the signatures are legally binding.

How to use Signature Generator to Append Signature

The importance of digital signatures has never been known like during this pandemic. With restrictions still placed on traveling and social distancing being the norm, business people have to find ways to transact businesses.

When it comes to business transactions, it is a well-known fact that signatures are a critical factor. Organizations have to sign contracts and legal documents. This is something that travel restrictions and social distancing have almost crippled.

However, with digital signature technology, stakeholders do not have to worry. From anywhere in the world, you can create a document or contract and share it with business associates in any part of the world to append their signatures. How does this work?

· Visit the Signature Generator site and upload your document. You can create the document from the scratch or choose a document template from the site to build your customized document. You will find a plethora of documents and contracts covering different business needs on the platform.

· Click on the e-sign tool to open a signature box. Here, you can draw, type, or upload your signature.

·  Drag the signature to space for signature on your document or contract.

·  Save the document and download it. It becomes a legally binding document and will be treated as a traditionally signed document.

How the Pandemic has changed Work, Workforce, and Workplace

It is impossible to categorically state that the pandemic has affected organizations in the same way. The situation is far from this. Some businesses have experienced a reduction in business volumes while some others have significantly increased their business volume. Amidst these struggles, enterprises also have to combine cost management to at least break even. So, what is the way forward?


It is critical for businesses to adapt, digitize, and reimagine their work and work processes. Businesses should explore various technology solutions that align with their business delivery and implement the same. Many excellent solutions have been developed to help organizations handle uncertain situations such as the world is currently in.

Organizations should consider the flexibility of the workforce like never before. The emphasis should not be on who is at the workplace but more on what projects are being completed within specified timeframes.


Of course, the workforce should also be reimagined. It is clear that the traditional work arrangements are not working anymore and it is very likely that it is not going to work in a very long time. Therefore, it is time for business owners to begin to actively plan and explore the workforce to recover, scale, and thrive. It is time to optimize the workforce distribution and reskill the workforce where necessary. Organizations should pay more attention to the development, well-being, and of course engagement of employees for optimal performance.


The pandemic has shifted the workplace from physical offices to home offices. It is more about a virtual working environment and this has disrupted the norm. Many believe that this disruption would not last forever, which is a big possibility.

However, it is impossible to put a business on hold until things return to normalcy if it ever would. Therefore, instead of waiting for things to return to normal, it is best to adapt and embrace the virtual environment and invest in technologies that will make the transition smooth and efficient for the workforce.


The fact that COVID-19 has disrupted the workplace and accelerated the future of work conditions cannot be overemphasized. However, amid the uncertainties and changes, there are opportunities that enterprises can explore.

To see these opportunities, organizations must be open to possibilities and embrace rather than resist the changes that COVID-19 has brought and more changes that the business world will experience in the wake of the pandemic.

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Audrey Throne
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