Ultimate OnePlus 13 Leak: Everything We Know About OnePlus 13 Price, Camera, Battery, and More


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The tech community is abuzz with the latest leaks surrounding the OnePlus 13, the anticipated flagship from OnePlus set to launch later this year. With significant upgrades and new features, the OnePlus 13 aims to redefine user experience and set new benchmarks in the smartphone market. Here’s everything we know so far about the OnePlus 13 price, camera, battery, and more.

Expected Release Date and OnePlus 13 Price

The OnePlus 13 is expected to be released around October 2024, aligning with the launch of the Snapdragon 8 Gen 4 chipset. While the official OnePlus 13 price has not been confirmed, it is anticipated to be competitive with other flagship smartphones. Analysts predict the OnePlus 13 price to be somewhere around 65000 – 75000 rupees, positioning it as a premium device aimed at tech enthusiasts and professional users.

Revolutionary Camera System

One of the most talked-about features of the OnePlus 13 is its revamped camera system. Departing from the circular camera island design of previous models, the OnePlus 13 will feature a square camera island with rounded corners, offering a fresh aesthetic appeal. The triple rear camera system is set to include:

  • Primary Sensor: 50 MP
  • Ultra-Wide Sensor: 50 MP
  • Telephoto Lens: 50 MP with 3x optical zoom

All sensors being 50 megapixels each is a bold move, promising exceptional image quality and versatility. Additionally, the cameras will be tuned by Hasselblad, ensuring professional-grade photography capabilities. This setup is expected to cater to photography enthusiasts and professionals who demand high performance from their smartphone cameras.

Unmatched Battery Life and Charging Capabilities

The OnePlus 13 is poised to outshine its competition with a substantial 6000mAh battery. This marks a significant upgrade from the OnePlus 12’s 5400mAh battery, ensuring longer battery life and reduced downtime. Furthermore, the device will support 100W wired charging, allowing users to quickly recharge their phone. However, it’s worth noting that the OnePlus 13 will not feature wireless charging, a decision that might disappoint some users but is offset by the fast wired charging capabilities​.

Stunning Display and Design

The OnePlus 13 will boast a 6.8-inch 2K+ LTPO OLED display with a resolution that promises vibrant colors and deep blacks. The display will also feature an in-display ultrasonic fingerprint scanner, offering a seamless and secure unlocking experience. The micro quad-curved panel design ensures that the screen curves slightly on all four sides, providing a sleek and immersive viewing experience​.

Powerful Performance with Snapdragon 8 Gen 4

Under the hood, the OnePlus 13 will be powered by the Snapdragon 8 Gen 4 chipset, the latest from Qualcomm. This next-gen processor is expected to deliver unmatched performance and efficiency, making the OnePlus 13 one of the most powerful smartphones on the market. Whether it’s gaming, multitasking, or intensive applications, users can expect smooth and responsive performance.

Innovative Design Changes

The OnePlus 13 will feature several design changes that set it apart from its predecessors. The revamped camera island, now square with rounded corners, offers a modern and sophisticated look. Additionally, the phone is expected to have a more ergonomic design, making it comfortable to hold and use.

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The OnePlus 13 is shaping up to be a game-changer in the smartphone industry. With its advanced camera system, powerful battery, stunning display, and cutting-edge processor, it promises to offer an unparalleled user experience. While the official OnePlus 13 price and exact release date are yet to be confirmed, the leaks suggest that it will be a highly sought-after device. Stay tuned for more updates as we approach the expected launch in October 2024.

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