Will there be a One Piece Live-Action Season 2 on Netflix?


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The One Piece Live-Action series has just made its debut on Netflix, and fans are buzzing with anticipation, eager to learn whether a One Piece Live-Action Season 2 is in the works. As viewers dive into the episodes, speculation about the continuation of the story is running high. Despite the challenges that often plague adaptations of anime, such as the cases of Cowboy Bebop and Death Note, many fans hold a positive outlook on this show. The trailer for the live-action One Piece has ignited hope that it will capture the enchantment of the anime’s initial season.

So, the question remains: Will there be a One Piece Live-Action Season 2? Let’s delve into the details.

Following the launch of Season 1, enthusiasts are already contemplating the potential release date for One Piece Live-Action Season 2. Drawing inspiration from the manga and anime of the same name, the series follows the journey of Monkey D. Luffy and his pirate crew as they embark on a quest to discover the legendary treasure known as the ‘One Piece,’ a prize that bestows upon its possessor the title of ‘King of the Pirates.’ But will their pursuit continue in a subsequent season? And when can audiences expect its arrival?

Here’s a rundown of all the information we have regarding the release date for One Piece Live-Action Season 2, as well as insights into its anticipated debut.

Is One Piece Live-Action Season 2 happening?

One Piece Live-Action Trailer

One Piece is a sprawling narrative, encompassing over a thousand chapters and episodes. Given its vastness, fans harbored concerns about the trajectory of the story upon the announcement of the live-action adaptation. However, as of now, there has been no official update or assurance regarding the possibility of a new season. Neither the creators nor any members of the production team or cast have disclosed any information about the show’s potential continuation.

Furthermore, the new season has only recently premiered. Consequently, much depends on the viewership numbers the series garners. If there is a substantial fan base that embraces the show, it could increase the likelihood of the creators contemplating another season. Yet, at the time of writing, prospects for the upcoming year appear somewhat uncertain.

What could be the potential One Piece Live-Action Season 2 release date?

Given that the One Piece Live-Action Season 1’s production spanned over two years, it’s evident that crafting a live-action adaptation is a meticulous endeavor. Even if the new season gets the green light this month, viewers should anticipate a year-long production timeline for the creation of fresh episodes. Consequently, fans can expect a release date only after the Fall 2024 lineup. It’s plausible that the earliest the new season could be released is by the conclusion of 2024. All episodes of the series will be available for streaming on Netflix. We’ll promptly update this section with any further official details.

As of the present moment, the series has not officially been renewed for its One Piece Live-Action Season 2 since it commenced streaming on August 31, 2023. Netflix typically takes time to assess performance before announcing renewals. Nevertheless, initial reactions to the series have been exceedingly positive, with critical responses filled with praise and commendations. The show stands as one of Netflix’s major productions, holding the potential for exceptional success. Hence, the likelihood of multiple seasons seems high, especially considering the abundance of source material available for the narrative adaptation. However, a swift release for One Piece Live-Action Season 2 shouldn’t be expected, as it may not arrive before the latter part of 2025.

Should a One Piece Live-Action Season 2 come to fruition, audiences can anticipate the Straw Hat Pirates continuing their pursuit of One Piece, embarking on even more perilous sea adventures under Luffy’s leadership.

The cast of the Netflix series features Iñaki Godoy in the lead role of Monkey D. Luffy. Other cast members include Mackenyu as Roronoa Zoro, Emily Rudd as Nami, Taz Skylar as Sanji, Vincent Regan as Vice Admiral Garp, Jacob Gibson as Usopp, Jeff Ward as Buggy the Clown, and Morgan Davies as Koby.

In an interview with Variety, Friedlander, when discussing the potential for a second season of the One Piece live-action series, refrained from making premature commitments. He acknowledged the unpredictability of a show’s success, admitting that perfection isn’t always attainable. However, he highlighted Netflix’s recent track record of renewing shows, citing examples like ‘The Sandman’ and ‘Wednesday’ from the preceding year.

Co-showrunners Steven Maeda and Matt Owens shared insights into their approach to the possibility of One Piece’s live-action Season 2. They expressed a deliberate and cautious mindset, emphasizing a step-by-step approach. They pointed to the wealth of source material provided by Oda, the series’ creator, which has generated numerous potential storylines and permutations.

Maeda also conveyed gratitude towards Oda for his guidance and collaboration, resulting in the development of what they view as the most refined rendition of the show possible.

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