117 new Emojis rolled out for the year 2020

Picture credit – Emojipedia Blog

Unicode Consortium has released a list of 117 new emojis for the year 2020. Like every year, the approved Emoji 13.0 will be added to all the platforms. They include the likes of Apple’s iOS and macOS, Android, other devices, and messaging apps. The collection of 117 emojis has been made part of the existing list of more than 1500.

The new collection set ranges from face emoticons, body part gestures, astrological signs, religious symbols, an additional set of animals and flags of countries, and more. A comprehensive list with meanings of the latest sets of approved emojis in Emoji 13.0 can be accessed at Emojipedia’s blog.

With the 13th version of emojipedia, emoticons have evolved gradually, become more diverse and inclusive at the same time. The Unicode Consortium has tried to cover the existing gaps in areas of facial expressions, gender-inclusive options such as the one with veil and tuxedo, Santa Claus and Mrs. Claus called “Mx Claus,” body parts such as pinched fingers, anatomical heart, lungs. more animals like Black Cat, Bison, Mammoth, Beaver, Polar Bear, Dodo, Seal, Beetle, Cockroach, Fly, Worm, more food and drink emojis, transgender symbol and more.

Brands who could find the relevant emoji in the list have gone emoti-mental. Chips Ahoy and Sour Patch Kid were overjoyed with the pinched fingers emoji which enhanced their brand presence.

But some felt disappointed like brand Oreo which responded with “Medical fondue, but no OREO emoji?” Burger King was also quick to pint out that “@Emojipedia has all these new emojis but the only one for buns is still this and we can’t use that”

The inclusion of the emojis on a platform or in an app will ultimately depend upon the ones picked by developers. The list gets released typically ahead of the next major OS releases to happen in the second half of 2020. Android users can expect around August and iOS 14, watchOS, iPadOS, and macOS users in October or November timeframe.

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