Mobile Trends That Are Going to Continue to Dominate in 2022


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It can seem like an impossible task a lot of the time trying to keep up with different mobile trends, given how much they constantly seem to evolve. It appears that every month there is a new trend on our mobile phones that has replaced an old one and as is the way with ever-evolving technology, it is unlikely that this fast-paced industry will slow down anytime soon. That being said, while predicting overall trends can prove to be somewhat difficult, generally speaking, there are a lot of trends that have come into fruition in previous years that aren’t going anywhere. Interested in which? This article will dive deeper into the mobile trends that are going to continue to dominate throughout 2022.

Money Management Gone Mobile

When mobile banking came about, it was immediately picked up by an array of people who very quickly saw the benefits of it. This has evolved now beyond simply having access to your money on your mobile and instead takes a variety of different forms of money management. For instance, people can now take to the likes of Deferit, which is a bill pay app. It means that your bills will be paid, and you will pay back the amount in four installments with no interest or late fees. Essentially, the pressure of paying bills right away is taken off as people have a bit more freedom with their income.

Artificial Intelligence (AI)

Yes, it is a term that seems to be passed around a lot and has been in development for many years, but the fact of the matter is that AI is currently dominating the mobile world, to the point soon it will be implemented in almost every app that we use. You can already see it in the likes of different household names such as:

  • Cortana
  • Google Assistant
  • Siri
  • Alexa

They are all prime examples that clearly show AI can easily be installed onto a mobile device and used for a variety of different reasons. It is also being incorporated into the games we play, how we watch new shows, and how we schedule appointments. This is only going to continue and become more prominent as time goes on.

Augmented Reality

Augmented reality refers to the different face filter options that are available on apps such as Snapchat and Instagram. Essentially, it means to take something that is real and then change it from the perspective of your phone. Whilst this is used by a lot of people merely for a bit of fun, the reason the trend will continue to dominate moving forward is because of the branding opportunities available within it.

Organizations that sell products such as clothing, accessories, or makeup will be able to take advantage of augmented reality and then use it as a means to show their prospective customer what it could do for their appearance. This is such a significant feature that Facebook is going to begin offering companies the option of running ads in the style of augmented reality as well.

Jennifer Wilson
Jennifer Wilson
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