Many macOS users are now complaining of UI resizing animations being choppy & laggy


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Apple has always been popular for its sleek design and powerful software. macOS users around the world take pride in using software that ensures absolute privacy and offers state-of-the-art technology. Even though Apple’s macOS only captures 15% of the desktop software market share, it has made a reputation for being the best in the business.

Apple’s USP is that it offers an enclosed ecosystem that allows people to interact with multiple Apple devices. It allows you to connect all your Apple devices and use the system as a whole. For example, you can carry on your iPhone chats on your iPad without having to install any external applications. This ecosystem is the major reason why Apple products are so damn expensive.

Apple products are famous for optimization and fluidity and people are ready to pay for smooth interface and software. They also run for a long time without any big issues such as lag or choppy animation or anything for that matter.

This is why it’s strange that a lot of macOS users have started complaining about UI resizing animations being choppy & laggy. They have taken to several forums to discuss macOS choppy issues.

About macOS choppy laggy animation issue

Most of these macOS UI lag complaints have come from Apple’s M1-based Macs and a section of Intel-based Mac users. Majorly users are complaining that whenever they resize a window, their Macs suddenly present a laggy and chopped-up animation which is quite irritating to the eyes.

On forums, they have highlighted the issue of macOS choppy and laggy animations for quite some time and had taken it as a normal thing unless few users started questioning it.

Users have reported choppy Chrome on all Macs. The UI draw is not smooth on any of the Macs be it 2015 MBP with Intel Graphics, to 5k iMac to a Hackintosh with RX580, to M1 Air.

This prompted people to guess whether it could be because of some glitch with the Google Chrome browser. Few users tested re-sizing non-Apple apps like Spotify, Discord, Twitter, and Chrome on macOS to prove their claim. Of them, all the apps were smooth except Chrome and yes it was laggy. They found that all the Chromium browsers like Edge, brave, Vivaldi, Chrome have the issue of UI choppiness whereas Safari and Firefox were pretty smooth when it came to resizing. Is the lag issue due to ill-optimized Chrome for macOS? That is a reason to debate!

However, a bunch of users disproved these claims and pointed out that it’s not happening because of any application. They tried uninstalling apps that could be suspected of doing all this, but nothing changed. Thus the problem lies solely with the macOS software and not any external application.

Users also checked whether macOS choppy behavior was happening due to old specs. But again a lot of complainants pointed out that they have upgraded their Macs to the latest specs and the macOS choppy and laggy UI animation persists.

Many users have also suggested that they couldn’t resolve the issue after troubleshooting procedure and restarting their devices but nothing seems to work that much. After getting back on, the Mac still runs lagging animation.

Looking at the problem, it does seem like a glitch in the software that Apple hasn’t been able to resolve neatly. Since Apple hasn’t responded to all these claims yet, it remains a mystery as to why this is happening all of a sudden.

If these claims are anything but true, it’s a cause of concern for the Apple team. After all, these issues can act as a threat to Apple’s long-standing legacy of state-of-the-art technology and optimized software.

As of now, there is no way to resolve this issue apart from troubleshooting your Mac or going to an Apple store. But if you were to believe our word then we advise you to not panic and remain calm as a lot of others have also reported this issue. So it’s best to not spend any more money by visiting Apple stores; rather the best option is to just wait it out till the company either resolves the issue or acknowledges it.

We’ll surely keep a track of this news and look out for any tips to resolve this issue on the internet unless Apple officially puts out a statement. Till then hang tight and don’t fret too much over all this. Don’t forget to share with us any developments on the issue.


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