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Catch Your Favorite Live Streams with a DAZN VPN

DAZN is a great way to keep up with how your team is doing, no matter the sport. Soccer, football, baseball, basketball – they have it all. The problem? Licensing issues keep you from watching a good chunk of their programming. Fortunately, a VPN will let you avoid pesky geo-restrictions and enjoy the content you want.

Not sure where to find one that can reliably unblock DAZN? Click here now, pick a quality DAZN VPN, and start watching your favorite sports within minutes.

DAZN and Geo-Blocking

If you look at DAZN’s programming, you’ll notice how many things are missing depending on the area. And these are the main supported countries – the ones that get more than just boxing. Yes, DAZN recently expanded to 200 other countries, but only includes boxing at the moment. It’s great if that’s the only thing you’re into, but if you’re a hardcore sports fan, then DAZN is way better with a VPN.

Since the sports and leagues you can watch are location-dependent, all you need to do is switch locations with a VPN. What happens is that your device takes on the IP address of the VPN server you connect to. This makes websites believe you’re in the “correct” location and serve you the content you want.

Interested in Bundesliga matches? Switch your VPN location to Germany, Austria, or Switzerland, crack open a cold one and enjoy. NBA fan from the US? You might’ve noticed that DAZN can’t broadcast NBA matches there – weird, but not a big problem with a DAZN VPN. Just connect to a supported country and you’re set.

Of course, not all VPNs work with DAZN, since they filter out VPN traffic – like all streaming platforms, for that matter. IP banning is the most common filtering method, and free VPNs are the easiest targets. We recommend one of ProPrivacy’s VPN picks linked in the beginning for the best results.

That being said, here’s another amazing benefit of VPNs that you should know about.

Get a DAZN VPN – Prevent Bandwidth Throttling

Ever binged a few shows one lazy weekend and noticed your Internet speeds going down all of a sudden? Then your ISP may be throttling your bandwidth. Why do they do it? Well, there are a few possible reasons:

  • You went over your monthly data cap, in which case using a VPN won’t help. Sadly, you’re stuck waiting for the cap to reset, or need to upgrade to a better plan.
  • To prevent network congestion during periods of high traffic.
  • Greed – just your ISP’s way of saying: “Want to watch stuff without sudden slowdowns? Better upgrade.”

Using a VPN can prevent your ISP from throttling your Internet simply because they have no idea what to throttle. Aside from masking your IP, a VPN encrypts (i.e. obfuscates) your traffic, so nobody knows what you do online.

Are you cheering your favorite team on during an HD live stream? Watching YouTube for a couple of hours before hopping on to a multiplayer game? Video calls? Torrenting? All your network activity is hidden, and your ISP won’t risk slowing down the wrong thing. Grab a DAZN VPN and enjoy your favorite sports without irritating slowdowns and licensing restrictions.

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