A List Of Amazing Tech That Can Save Human Lives


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As humans, we have given our best into critical thinking to improve our lives, bringing us into the age of information and communication technology. We have also devised means and ways to prolong and save human lives from unforeseen circumstances and cut back on response time to emergencies. 

This perhaps is why life expectancy has improved for people, especially in developed nations. In recent times, we are using technology to improve our healthcare and general wellbeing. So, this is to let you get a glimpse of some high-techs we [humans] have developed, already in the works, or need to establish that can save more lives and further improve our general wellbeing.

3D-Printed Body Parts

It is pretty amazing to bask in the creativity and innovation that techies and health scientists have used the 3D printing technology to achieve, from food, scenarios to real-life objects and, recently, printing organic matter. It is a common saying that there is a thin line between life and death, but technology seems to be making the line thinner.

Knowing that you can safely print or fabricate a human body part such as human tissue, muscle, and bones to redesign it to suit the recipient’s body system can improve the chances of survival for a dying patient. 

If thoroughly inculcated into the global healthcare system, this technology would reduce the incidence of sudden death after months of being on the waiting list for a matching organ donor.

Telemedicine or Telehealth

For rural dwellers or people without direct access to social amenities or healthcare services, it isn’t easy to get help, but telemedicine has remedied the situation. More often, rural residents forgo necessary checkups and follow-up visits at the hospital because they have to ride for hours to reach a health facility, which is expensive.

Telemedicine allows you to meet virtually with a doctor, keep an appointment with a specialist and get a quick and life-saving diagnosis. Telecommunication technology has helped advance healthcare based on service needs for rural dwellers, saving them time and expenses.

Healthcare Robots

The world has already witnessed the development of the Robotic Surgical Simulator, popularly called ROSS, which assists surgeons during surgeries. This technology is a mind-blowing innovation that can help in reducing the number of patients that die during a procedure.

Also, sometimes deploying human healthcare providers can be dangerous to their health, too. During the recent COVID-19 pandemic, countries like Rwanda used healthcare robots to attend coronavirus patients and reduce human contact with the virus.

The purpose of this article is to introduce a new approach for tech to help human lives that are based on the idea of a robot. By introducing movia robotic teachers for special children who will always have a solution and give rewards, the robot will adapt to the child’s specific level of ability.

So, healthcare robots are technologies that can save lives and reduce the widespread of deadly diseases.

Portable Emergency Alert Devices

Millions of people are battling severe health conditions that tend to deteriorate within split seconds, especially elderly citizens. So, it is such a vast lifesaver knowing that there is an emergency button for seniors, and anyone who has a chronic disease, so that they can quickly press to call for help. It will immediately connect you to a healthcare provider or emergency responder for a swift response.

A portable emergency alert device can also come in handy in crime situations like a home invasion and help to alert public safety operatives to it.

Ambulance and Healthcare Product Delivery Drones

To save lives, you always need to be one step ahead of the emergency, and this is why an ambulance drone is an exceptional idea for providing healthcare services to those in dire need of it. An ambulance drone decreases emergency response time to milliseconds, uses coordinates, and comes with supplies to help save the critical patient’s life.

They can use drones to deliver healthcare products in areas that are not easily accessible. Some healthcare technology companies worldwide champion using drones to provide blood to patients who need it urgently and COVID-19 vaccines to rural areas that are land-locked.

Automatic Braking

The primary cause of avoidable deaths in the world is road accidents. Distracted drivers cause these accidents, so having a technology that can help avert the situation is a quantum leap to reduce the world fatality rate.

An automatic braking system uses a combination of sensors, radar, and cameras to triangulate your speed. It also measures the distance of vehicles and objects within your vicinity and promptly engages the brakes when there is an unmistakable signal that a crash is imminent. Automotive companies are already adopting the automatic braking system for their products to help in saving more lives.

Facial Recognition Software

It is pretty interesting knowing that health professionals and public safety agencies can use biometric technology to detect, scan, read and identify facial features of people. Over the years, biometric technology has grown into an innovative techie that can detect a person’s gait, mannerism, and composure to detect a criminal using face identity. Beyond that, they can also use it to avert an imminent accident.

Automotive companies can develop facial recognition software in cars, so users can use it to monitor a driver’s fatigue level. This technology will help to alert relevant authorities to how the person behind the wheel poses a public danger to the safety of road users so that patrol officers can easily pull them off the road before they spawn an avoidable accident.

Wearable Technology

It has become trendy to use wearable medical devices as a fashion accessory. These devices are lifesavers as they collate and store data about your health status, which doctors can easily pull when you are in an emergency. Many tech companies have built a franchise around wearable medical devices designed as wristbands and watches. 

Some of these wearable devices have an inbuilt protocol that alerts emergency responders when there is a spike in your blood pressure or low on sugar, depending on the health condition inputted in your KYC medical history. 

Isn’t it amazing how technology is saving our lives? The tech described above are innovations that help society, and thankfully, they are enjoying a positive reception. There is no doubt that tech-savvy innovators will create more products that can help improve human health, general wellbeing and save more lives. 

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