Leading Podcast Hosting Platforms You Need to Know About


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So….you may be thinking about storming into the world of podcasting, you wish to send your message to people all around the globe, and what better way to do it than through the magic of technology? You may want to share your wisdom on the most popular podcast platforms, spread your talent to everyone and pick up an avid following along the way.

Most Popular Podcast Platforms

Podcasting is a great way to launch yourself into the world and build yourself a first-class reputation in your chosen niche. You can create a strong bond between you and your audience, producing intimate, one on one content enables you to build a connection with listeners and prospective future customers. By simply making audio files and videos to reach out to the population, you can grow your following and give inspiration to people anywhere on the planet.

Breaking into podcasting has never been easier, with the masses of hosting platforms available in this day and age, you are sure to be able to promote yourself, share your knowledge, and market products to make your stamp on the podcast industry. It is so important when starting a podcast that you have the software you can rely on. Whether you are new to podcasting or have been a religious member for some time, there are a few most popular podcast platforms you simply must know about!


If you are just beginning your podcasting journey then the platform PodBean may be the ideal choice. You can create an account free of charge and upgrade for the use of more superior features if you wish. The creators of wiredclip.com have special promo codes and coupons available, and you can find out more and get started on your podcasting journey.

The PodBean software is also user-friendly and enables you to streamline podcasts, providing you with essential tools to get you started in inventing your own unique site. Features such as choices for a background image, episode count, and color for audio or video player are all available. The platform comes packed with many useful tools to create your perfect, personalized site, where current and potential future customers are able to listen to episodes, downloading, or stream through the PodBean platform.


The hosting platform Audacity is excellent, you can use audio editing software for absolutely no fee. The platform comes with many handy features that are great for music including truncated silence, fading, and many more.

However, Audacity is not just for the use of music which is why it is a popular choice for podcasters all over the world. Users may find the platform a little perplexing at first but after a considerable amount of practice, you are sure to master it! This platform constantly updates to provide you with the latest versions, making sure to deliver superb performance.


The platform known as Buzzsprout is designed for simplicity however, certainly is not made up to a minimal extent. Buzzsprout is known to update and add new features regularly, keeping the platform to its optimum level.

The software has many essential features, for instance, it contains built-in transcription integration, magic mastering to perfect your audio, and much more. It also possesses an affiliate marketplace to aid you to cash in on your podcasts and also provides you with fantastic statistics! The account for Buzzsprout is free however, your past podcasts are removed after 90 days, after that account costs start at $12.00 per month. 


Captivate Podcast is an excellent hosting platform that easily integrates with WordPress due to the custom plugin. It entails the use of stacks of great features such as inbuilt CTA’s (calls to action) enabling you to direct people to any location, smart UI that includes default schedule times, and also contains the convenient tool of batch uploading.

Captivate provides you with a fantastic mobile-friendly site that really does look stunning. You can customize colors to create your own unique site however, unfortunately, Captivate does not offer a free plan but is still stated as one of the less costly options on the market. Plans do start at $19.00 per month and you get the use of many essential features.

Diving into the industry of podcasting can help you to create and maintain a connection with current customers and reel in potential new ones. Developing your own podcasting site enables you to engage with your following whilst also promoting yourself and releasing your content to the population. Resulting in building a trusting reputation and maintaining a loyal audience, giving you the power to showcase your phenomenal wisdom! Good luck guys!

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