K-Drama actress Jung Chae-yul dies at 26; Watch these fan favourite movies in her remembrance


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Fans of Korean entertainment were left in shock after the news broke that rising star Jung Chae-yul passed away on April 12, 2023, at the young age of 26. The actress was best known for her outstanding performance in the Netflix series Zombie Detective and had won the hearts of many with her incredible talent and kind-hearted personality. The 26-year-old actress and model had quickly risen to fame with her impressive performances and charming personality, and her untimely death has left a big void in the industry.

Jung Chae-yul movies

As an actress, she had a natural talent for bringing characters to life and making audiences feel emotionally invested in their stories. Watching her performances in these movies and series is a way to not only appreciate her talent but also celebrate her life and legacy. In honour of her memory, here are some movies to watch and remember the late actress.

Deep (2018)

Jung Chae-yul

Jung Chae-yul’s versatility as an actress was highlighted in the 2018 Korean thriller Deep, where she played the lead role of Yoo-jin, one of four friends on a scuba diving trip. The film takes a dark turn when the group becomes trapped in an underwater cave, and the friends must use their skills and ingenuity to escape. In the movie, Jung delivers a gripping performance as Yoo-jin, who faces numerous challenges and dangers while trying to find a way out of the cave. Her portrayal of a courageous and quick-thinking character was highly praised by critics, who commended her for bringing emotional depth and authenticity to the role.

This remarkable performance in Deep further cemented her reputation as one-of-a-kind talent and established her as a rising star in the Korean entertainment industry.

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Zombie Detective (2020)

Jung Chae-yul

Jung Chae-yul’s breakthrough role in the Korean drama industry was in the 2020 Netflix series Zombie Detective, where she played the lead character of Kim Moo-young, a zombie who becomes a detective to solve the mystery behind his transformation. The series quickly gained popularity, and Jung’s portrayal of the character won her many fans. Her performance in the show was nothing short of remarkable. She brought a unique depth to the character of Kim Moo-young, who was both endearing and comedic, all while portraying the struggles of a zombie trying to navigate human life.

Throughout the series, Jung showcased her range as an actress, bringing a level of nuance and emotional depth to her character that was truly impressive. Her scenes with her co-star Choi Jin-hyuk, who played a human detective, were particularly memorable, as they showed the complicated relationship between the two characters.

Jung’s performance in Zombie Detective was praised by both fans and critics, who lauded her for bringing a fresh and unique take to the zombie genre. She was particularly praised for her ability to switch between comedic and dramatic scenes with ease, showcasing her talent as an actress.

Jung’s role in Zombie Detective not only solidified her status as one of the rising stars of the Korean entertainment industry but also showcased her incredible potential as an actress. Her performance in the series will undoubtedly be remembered and cherished by her fans and all those who have had the pleasure of watching her on screen.

I Have Not Done My Best (2022)

Jung Chae-yul

In the K-drama series I Have Not Done My Best, Jung Chae-yul played the role of Jung Soo-ah, a determined and hardworking young woman who dreams of becoming a successful businesswoman. Her character faces numerous obstacles and setbacks, but she never gives up and continues to work towards her goals. Jung’s portrayal of Soo-ah was both powerful and relatable, and it resonated with audiences who admired her strength and resilience. The series was well-received by fans and critics alike, and Jung’s performance was praised for its authenticity and emotional depth, solidifying her position as a rising star in the Korean entertainment industry.

More about Jung Chae-yul

Born on September 4, 1996, Jung Chae-yul made a name for herself as a model before transitioning to acting. In 2016, she appeared on the Korean modelling show Devil’s Runway, which marked the beginning of her career in the entertainment industry. It wasn’t until her appearance on a TV show that she gained significant recognition. However, her breakthrough role came in 2020 when she starred as Bae Yoon-mi in the Netflix series Zombie Detective.

Prior to the show, she had also appeared in the 2018 film Deep and was set to star in the K-drama Wedding Impossible, which was still in production at the time of her passing. According to a report by Star News, the production of the series has been halted as the producers try to evaluate the situation following the tragic loss of the talented actress.

Jung Chae-yul was not only a talented actress but also an active social media user with a sizable following. At the time of writing, her Instagram account has over 30,000 followers, and she regularly updated it with posts about her life, work, and hobbies. Her followers enjoyed getting a glimpse into her world and seeing her behind-the-scenes moments on set. Jung’s engaging and relatable personality shone through in her posts, and her fans appreciated her for being down-to-earth and genuine. Though she may be gone, her legacy and impact on her fans will live on through her work and the memories she created.

RIP Jung Chae-yul

Jung Chae-yul’s passing has undoubtedly come as a shock to her fans, colleagues, and the entire entertainment industry. The news of her death has left a void in the hearts of many, and her absence will be felt for years to come. She had a bright future ahead of her, and her talent was undeniable.

Despite her young age, Jung had already made a significant impact in the entertainment industry, thanks to her outstanding performances in various movies and TV shows. Her natural talent, dedication to her craft, and kind-hearted personality made her one of the most promising young actresses in South Korea.

However, while she may no longer be with us, her work will continue to live on. Watching her performances in these movies and series is a way to remember and celebrate her life and appreciate the talent that she brought to the entertainment industry. Rest in Peace!

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