How ITIL® technology enhances skills for a bright future?


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The Information Technology Infrastructure Library, abbreviated as ‘ITIL,’ is an accredited lattice that provides services related to Information Technology around The ITIL can be operated by any business company that requires personnel for the service-related work relating to Information Technology, and this platform helps to identify, delivering, planning and supporting such business organization.

The ITIL Foundation certificate has vivacious importance for IT professionals or any other person having the interest to pursue a career in the Information Technology sector.

 They receive a great amount of remuneration, for which their performance plays a contributing role. After getting the property training and certification, their skills are translated to the zenith of success, irrespective of the scope of their job.

 Survey on Technology of ITIL

ITIL students have a great command over applications of the theories they have learned in the classroom. A survey was done by the Global Knowledge ITIL students, in which it was found that 99% of the students said they applied the skills and knowledge they have learned within eight weeks of their course. It was surprising to find that 70% of them used the skills which they learned within the very first week. However, it is to be noted that the approaches taken by the candidates differed from one another.

 Here are the experiences shared by the candidates on whom the survey was done.

 Brad J. said, “I apply what I’ve learned almost daily in meetings. Generally, to reign in conversations of new setups by reminding all of the need for Strategy->Design->Transition->Operation instead of skipping Strategy.”

 Clara X. shared, “I’m currently overseeing a service transition from an old platform to a new and strategizing a new integration product with another company. I am using the framework to plan methodically.”

 In the words of Steve W., “Transitioning our long-standing and outdated Service Now assignment groups to a new, function-based set of groups that are adaptable to any future organizational change.”

 Roy P also opined that “For the most part, we have used what was learned to add some additional formatting efficiencies to several of our project schedules. Likewise, we have been able to add additional clarity to the roles and responsibilities for the projects we develop, even in those cases where the responsibilities overlap.”

 Antony M. was pleased to inform, “I work in Operations. I used my knowledge to better understand and simplify my role.”

There is no iota of conjecture that our ITIL Students possess immense self-confidence in their skills, and in their conversations with the business personnel, they display utmost professionalism. After their professional training, they possess a clear comprehension of their scope of work.

ITIL Students Knowledge

 Since the ITIL students apply most of the knowledge they have learned, they contribute to a great extent to the success of the team as well as the organization.

 Putting some more important data about the survey: 

 1. According to the ITIL, student’s training saved those 3.4 hours per week.

 2. 90% of the incumbent passed the certification exam on the very first attempt.

 3. 86% of the incumbents felt an immediate improvement in the quality of their work

 4. 57% of the candidates said they are now swifter at their job performance

 5. 79% are more engaged with their work

 6. Between 13 and 14% received a raise or promotion within 60 days of their course

 Recent Updates of ITIL Technology

The novel form of ITIL is the ITIL 4, which was launched in February. This new incarnation focuses on the transforming and efficient performances related to modern IT, including Davos, Agile, and Lean IT development. The ITIL 4 certification validates or authenticates the efficiency to align IT with the appropriate business goals.

However, there is nothing to panic about, as the ITIL v3 certification is also relevant now, and all the previously-earned certifications are also valid. However, for all the newcomers, it is advisable that version 4 is the appropriate avenue to make a start. However, there is no need to get disheartened, for the candidates who are already certified and those who want to promote to the ITIL 4; the Global Knowledge is also offering an ITIL 4 Foundation Bridge course, which you can avail of.


The popularity of ITIL is such that one among five IT professionals is an ITIL certificate holder. You can also avail of the ITIL 4 Specialist High-Velocity IT Training Course.

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