Why are Instagram usernames showing up as random numbers in notifications?


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Instagram users are currently encountering an unusual issue that is affecting Android devices. Users are reporting an issue where on receiving a direct message (DM) notification from their contacts, they find that instead of having their names in bold, the usernames have been substituted by lengthy strings of random numbers. Every person sees a different combination of numbers instead of the username.

It’s important to note that this glitch appears to be limited to DM notifications and app drawer on Instagram. Other types of notifications related to the platform seem to be functioning normally. Also, it has been found to be reported by Android users only. In other words, random numbers getting generated replacing usernames is a bug specifically affecting the DM notification system on the Android version of the Instagram app.

What is Instagram DM full of random numbers issue?

The glitch was reported first on Thursday, October 26, when users noticed a strange sequence of numbers replacing usernames in their Instagram notifications. Instead of displaying the sender’s username and message, notifications were showing a long string of random numbers.

The random numbers issue in DM appears to be predominantly affecting Android users and their frustration has started pouring out on social media.

Many users are finding this issue to be a significant nuisance and are trying to find the root cause behind it. Many are of the opinion that the bug has cropped up maybe due to a recent update released by Instagram that altered the notification system. Few users are concerned that their accounts might have been compromised or hacked. It might also be an issue where Instagram servers can’t fetch usernames and are instead using account ID numbers.

A section of users are assuming that the DM notification is displaying the recipient’s IP address. However, the logic doesn’t seem probable. This is because almost every report shows a similar number, typically starting with the digits “340282366.”

byu/LordLupusDei from discussion

Another user has suggested a possible explanation for the long sequence of numbers with the user name being replaced by the user ID.

byu/Meatball__man__ from discussion

Despite multiple discussions and threads over a few hours, the exact origin of the nuisance remains elusive, and these are only speculations from users.

Instagram has yet to provide an official response or acknowledgment of the issue. The lack of response has further heightened users’ concerns. For users who are facing a glitch, it’s important to note that there’s nothing wrong with their phones or Instagram accounts. This appears to be more of a technical problem that Instagram’s technology team needs to address.

Currently, there is no known workaround to temporarily resolve the issue. The best course of action for affected users is to exercise patience and wait for the platform’s team to provide an official acknowledgment and a permanent fix. In the meantime, users may consider uninstalling and reinstalling the Instagram app or clearing the app’s cache and data to see if it resolves the issue.

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